Hot Band Alert: Death Valley Girls

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Who exactly are Patty, Larry, Bonnie and Rocky? They are Death Valley Girls, a Los Angeles-based rock ‘n’ roll band. Beyond that the rest is mostly shrouded in mystery, as little about them is yet to be found on the world-wide interwebs. Luckily, after catching this hot new band out live, Grimy Goods is here to shed a little light in hopes of uncovering even more about these local psych-garage rock gems. The band’s glorious, lo-fi sound incorporates healthy doses of distortion and fuzz, cool female vocals, and at times seems to channel the spirit of the Cramps or the Velvet Underground. No pretentious crap here, just a penchant for rockin’, ya dig?

Why We Like Them: We got to see Death Valley Girls put on an epic, wild performance at LA Fort just a few weeks ago, a total teaser of all the awesomeness to come from this band. Peep our photos and live video of the band performing “Sanitarium Blues” here for a taste of their sweet badassery.

Best Songs: “No Reason” is a 60s go-go dancin’ number with raw power and sick, wailing guitars. Take a loud and heavy, zonked out trip on the sweat-inducing psychedelic pill, also known as “Sanitarium Blues.” All the benefits of trippin’ without any hangover. “Red Glare” is a slower number ripe with simple but truthful worldly observances: “everything’s changed, doesn’t matter who you blame, it’s just the times are strange,” and coupled with some sweet woah oh ohs, it’s instantly relatable.

Three Words to Describe Them: Mysterious – Likeable – Underground

Upcoming/Recent Releases: The three aforementioned tracks are available online on the Death Valley Girls’ Bandcamp page. You can click here to stream and / or purchase. Also, Death Valley Girls will perform at the Roxy on Wednesday, Aug. 7 with the Dead Ships and Death Hymn Number 9 — this is a Grimy Goods show that we haven’t officially announced! But it’s set in stone and gonna be the shit

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