The Echo Takes L.A this Thursday, July 25 — Win Tickets to Any Show!

The Echo Takes L.A this Thursday July 25 — Win Tickets to Any Show!

In case you didn’t notice on our show list, there are some very rad shows popping off throughout L.A. this Thursday, July 25 — and the majority of these shows are brought to you buy our buddies at the Echo. The Echo have always been kick-ass bookers, but 2013 has really put them in the forefront for delivering the hottest and most ground-breaking musical acts to Los Angeles. From Sunset Blvd to the Santa Monica Pier, this Thursday, the Echo takes over L.A. and we wanna hook you up with free tickets to all of their shows, event the sold-out ones!

We will select one or two winners, for a pair of tickets to each show listed below. They all go off this Thursday, July 25. Pick yo’ pleasure.


First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter here and/or “like” our Facebook page here. Next, send the Tweet below and be sure to fill in the correct band name of your choice and venue according to the aforementioned shows above. Or you can post on our Facebook wall letting us know you entered this contest for tickets to the show of your choice.

Hey @GrimyGoods I want to win tickets to “band name” at “venue” this Thursday!

Last, leave a comment on this post letting us know which show you want to go to and why! Be sure to submit your valid email address so we can notify you of your win if selected as a winner. Email addresses are private and not visible to the public when leaving a comment.

We’ll select a winner that has done all of the above mentioned. Winners will be announced via email, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, July 24. Winners will have until 10am Thursday, July 25 to reply back to our email and confirm their win.

For more cool shows coming up at the The Echo click here. To enter other Grimy Goods contests, click here.

DID WE MENTION THERE IS GOING TO BE A SCAVENGER HUNT?! Use this map ( to win some awesome prizes like Echo Park Rising VIP tickets, or a pair of tickets to an Echo show of your choosing in August! All you have to do is check in at any of the Echo’s shows using the hashtag #echotakesLA!

8 thoughts on “The Echo Takes L.A this Thursday, July 25 — Win Tickets to Any Show!

  1. Tanya Iraheta

    Hello there Grimy Goods 🙂 I really want VIP passes to No Age/Tijuana Panters at the Santa Monica Pier because No Age is one of my favorite bands & it’d be really amazing if the first time I see them live is up front. please make it happen

  2. Vanessa Godoy

    Trying To win (vip passes) to see NoAGE & Tijuana Panthers at Santa Moncia Pier because i”m 21+ & want to get gr000vy with you alll <3 xoxo

  3. Erik Bustos

    Hey GrimyGoods I want to win tickets to Glasssjaw at the EchoPlex this Thursday! I’ve always loved this bands energy on stage, last time I saw them was the first time I actually ever saw them, which was at Vans Warped Tour in 02!!! Yes, 2002! They performed from an open truck facing sideways. They didn’t even get a full legit stage, they were that small back then! Oh, and I love the Echoplex, so small and intimate, yet big enough to enjoy any band from any part of the venue! Plus I always support the hotdog people outside after shows!!!

  4. Kathy Flynn

    Hi Grimy Goods! I would love tickets to go see Night Terrors of 1927 at the Echo, because I am a huge fan of Jarrod Gorbel. I tweeted via @wickedgoddess.

  5. Bruno Battolla

    Hey there! I need to go to the Glassjaw show because I’ve been a fan of theirs since day one and I love the Echoplex. So do me a solid and slide those tickets over to me.

    P.S. I love GrimyGoods!

  6. Juliet Manjarrez

    Yo Grimy Goods! I want to win these tickets to see Glassjaw at The Echoplex to have a baller thursday night with some good people, I know this will be a show I can remember til the end of days!

  7. Randy Flores

    Grimy Goods! I want VIP tickets to NO AGE and Tijuana Panthers at The Santa Monica Pier because No Age… and TJ Panthers… at the beach and on a pier? How does that not sound fun as hell?! Also, No Age kicks ass so much.

  8. Antonio Mendez

    Hey Grimy Goods! I’d like to win tickets to see Glassjaw at the echoplex! My friend and I met & bonded over this band in high school and it’d be cool to catch a show with my buddy! Haha lame I know but hey! My crooked jaw line is in need for some Glassjaw!

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