5 Ways To Beat The Traffic at FYF FEST

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FYF is less than two weeks away! While you prep your wishlist with the bands you want to see, in the hopes of no schedule collisions — we want to help make your FYF experience smooth-as-silk. Traffic in Los Angeles is world renowned for being a total bitch. Traffic in downtown L.A. is also a nightmare. Traffic in downtown L.A. during FYF weekend is even crazier than Courtney Love. Skip all the madness and smooth sail to-and-from FYF with our 5 Ways To Beat The Traffic at FYF FEST!

1. Metro — C’mon, Keith Morris is doing it … Anytime I have to chose either riding the Metro or driving my car to a destination I know I’m going to party at, or is gonna be condensed with vehicles, I always choose the $1.50 Metro ride over dealing with road rage and morons. The Gold Line, Chinatown Station drops you off smack in front of FYF Fest. Bus lines are also available, and Metro is extending their hours for FYF Fest attendees. To top it all off, if you show your Metro tap card at FYF, you will receive a free poster and bottle of water!

2. Bike / Skateboard — You’re gonna be hot and sweaty at FYF anyways, so you mind as well get that blood circulating and work on your summer body with a fun ride to FYF. Bicycle parking is free and will be monitored by security. There are also large lockers in the bike parking area which will fit skateboards. Secure bike parking will be available just across the street from the State Historic Park at College & Spring. Sorry motos, bike parking is only for bicycles.

3. Taxi, Uber, Lyft — Sure, it might run you a bit of dough, but it’s definitely better than a D.U.I. if you’re planning on hitting the hooch, and it’s waaaay better than sitting in traffic and navigating limited free parking spots or budget lots. Rally up your friends, call a car service, split the cost, and get dropped off right in front of the entrance at 1245 N. Spring St.

4. Walk — If you live less than a mile away, you seriously should not be driving to FYF. Invite your friends over for a little pre-game session, put on some comfy shoes and herd on over to the L.A. State Historic Park!

5. Carpool with Death Grips — They’re reliable, punctual and will never let you down …

death grips dont carpool



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