Win Tickets to FYF Fest at L.A. Historic Park!

fyf fest 2013 line up2

Celebrating 10 years of radness, FYF is just three weeks away taking place August 24 and 25 at the L.A. State Historic Park. This year’s FYF Festival line up will feature: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine, Thee Oh Sees, Toro y Moi, The Breeders, Baroness, Beck, Chvrches, Deerhunter, FLAG, Flume, Gold Panda, The Shouting Matches, and a lot more kick-ass bands you will not want to miss.

Weekend Passes for FYF Fest are $99 and available online or select retailers. A weekend VIP pass is $199. OR, you can WIN A FREE PAIR OF WEEKEND PASSES TO FYF WITH GRIMY GOODS! Want to win tickets to FYF Fest at L.A. Historic Park? Enter the contest below and complete ALL 3 STEPS to be considered. We will only select a winner that has completed all three steps. A winner will be selected on Friday, Aug. 15. We will notify the winner via email and announce the winner via Facebook and Twitter as well.

1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter here and/or “like” our Facebook page here. We will verify.

2. Next, leave a comment below letting us know what bands you’re excited to see at FYF and why should we give you a free pair of weekend passes. Be sure to leave you valid email address so we can notify you of your win (if you win). Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public.

3. When you’re done with your comment, send us a Tweet (see below) or you can post on our Facebook wallIf you post on our Facebook wall, you need to tag the FYF Fest Facebook  page in your entry comment as well!

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296 thoughts on “Win Tickets to FYF Fest at L.A. Historic Park!

  1. Dakota Rambin

    I’m so excited bout the new line up! I’d be in music paradise at the FYF! It will always be the best festival in Los Angeles! I want to see Charles Bradley and his extrodinares, Brendon small, Mikal cronin, washed out, deerhunter, my bloody valentine, yeah yeah yeahs, TV on the radio, MGMT, Yo La Tengo, devendra banhart and there are tons of other familar sounding bands that I really would love to check out too!!! It would make my whole summer completely unforgettable if I could get tickets.. 🙂

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  3. Tesia

    It’s my birthday weekend and I just got over dealing with a bunch of legal drama!! I’m dying to see beach house and nosaj!

  4. Tanya I.

    I am super excited to see

    On Saturday: Lemuria, Ty Segall, Joyce Manor, TITLE FIGHT, THE LOCUST, Hopefully some of Deerhunter’s set, TV ON THE RADIO, & YEAH YEAH YEAHS!



    I should win the tickets because I desperately want to go but unfortunately I am broke (I might sell myself to attend) SAVE ME. If you pick me Drinks on me & I’ll forever be grateful <3

  5. Maya djiji

    HI GRIMEY GOODS i reallllyyyyy wanna see thee oh sees ty segall the Orwells flag mgmt Mac demarco and Mikal Cronin please please please I would get very emotional of I won tickets my cat would get emotional too ok ily

  6. vince d.

    Super stoked to see deerhunter, devendra, beachhouse, the oh sees, ty segal.. kurt vile, mikal cronin and fricking mac demarco!!

    Hmm why i should win? well, it’s either win these tickets or die trying to climb the fence and duck security.

  7. Miriam Aguilar

    I’ve been working on my vocals with the help of Solange’s beautiful voice and would love nothing more to be singing along to her music. If I had it my way I would be her back-up dancer or back-up vocalist but one wish at a time….

  8. PJ Summers

    Dear Santa,
    I can’t wait on your fat ass for another 4 months so maybe Grimy Goods will answer my wishlist this year. I’ve been (a loose interpretation of) good and I would like to see thee oh sees, death grips, antwon, yyys (fo sho), melvins, flag, the Freakin LOCUST!, MGMT, and TV on the Radio. Now, I know that would be a stretch for an elderly, round man such as yourself but I believe that out there, Grimy Goods is just waiting to give some lucky little man, like myself, the chance of a lifetime seeing all of those bands in one location, along with a lot of other great bands. Sorry big guy, its over. I make my cookies for Grimy now. Say hi to your hedgehog wife for me.


  9. Colette

    I would love to see MBV, Washed Out and Roky Erickson!!!! FYF would be the ultimate way to end the summer, please please please Grimy G’s!


    Forgot to leave a reason! Reason why you should pick me is because I’m broke and my bf won’t buy me a pass. I also want a reason to wear booty shorts this summer.


    So I want to see Holy Ghost!, toro y moi, solange, devendra, YYY, washed out and definitely house meat disco!! Too many to list. Can you please pick me?! 🙂

  12. Rosanne

    MBV, The Breeders, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs–I love bands starring bad ass girls. Would love to go but as I am part of the 99%, I can’t afford the $99.

  13. Jennie

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MBV, Les Savy Fav, Yo La Tengo, Delorean, !!!, and Solange!
    Because I took the train by there during the Hard Fest and it looked like a hott mess! And FYF is 1000X better! BUT it’s such a great venue for an outdoor festival like this, right smack in the middle of a metropolis like LA. it just feels kinda dreamy.Also, I hate beyonce but love Solange! would love to see the one with the actual talent perform.

  14. Chris Kaye

    I am remiss Grimy – I left my comment for FYF tickets on your facebook wall but failed to do so here. Alas. I am a poor fool. If you have it in your hearts to forgive me, please consider my plea to see My Bloody Valentine at FYF. I need a vacation.

  15. I.V. Arambula

    I want to see Charles Bradley, Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, Les Savy Fav, Omar Souleyman, FLAG, Ty Segall and pretty much anybody else I can get to with out missing these dudes haha

  16. Jay Ceras

    I LOVE FYF Fest and would like to go this year to see 3 of my all time faves I’ve missed over the years MBV, YYY, and The Breeders. The line-up this year is my fave so far. Catching Washed Out, Beach House, MGMT, TV on the Radio, Deerhunter, STRFKR, Toro y Moi, Charles Bradley, Kurt Vile, Thee Oh Sees will be an amazing bonus and I would love to dance my ass off with sets from Simian Mobile Disco, Classixx, Poolside, and Delorean. Coincidentally, this year’s fest lands on the weekend of my 12th year wedding anniversary and I would just love to take beloved wifey again this year on the special day to see 2 of her all time faves, Beach House and MBV to close. The set times are out today and I wish I could catch so many acts, but set times overlap! ARRRRRGH! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  17. Olivia avila

    Oh awesomeness!!!! I would very much love to see the YEAH YEAH YEAHs! MGMT and HOLY GHOST!

    This would be the beat anniversary present for my husband ever! I be always wanted to take Him but when I was able to get tickets he was going to be deployed to Iraq… He turned me to the band, and this would just be too awesome!

  18. Margarita

    I desperately want to see My Bloody Valentine, Omar Souleyman, Horse Meat Disco, Glasser, Chelsea Wolfe and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and would love to take a friend who is to broke to attend.

  19. Jasmine Teran

    I want to see Chelsea Wolfe, Devendra, !!! and all the comedians. And I should go because my international vacation was cancelled and now I have two weeks of vacation time to take and no plans to fill it with.

  20. Karen

    I’m most excited for beach house, devendra banhart, and toro y moi. I should win the passes because it takes me forever to sneak in every year and I miss all my favorite bands

  21. Diana Tran

    Hi Grimy Goods! I would love to win tickets to FYF fest to see the yeah yeah yeahs, tv on the radio, mgmt, toro y moi, nosaj thing, beach house, flume, and foxygen. I wasn’t able to go to coachella because of school, didnt make it to hard, and couldn’t afford outsidelands. I think it’s time for my luck to turn around so I can atleast see all these artists at FYF! Thanks 🙂

  22. Maria

    I’ve never really had a music festival experience (now seems imposible to afford it) and just having Karen O, Kevin Shields and Victoria Legrand in the same place, makes it an epic experience and a dream to me.

  23. Eric Rowen

    My girlfriend and I have been going to FYF Fest for the 4 years we’ve been together (it’s kind of a tradition at this point) and this year is the first time we can’t afford to go. We both finished grad school in May and having a bit of trouble finding that full-time work we were expecting.

    It’d be a dream to see Joann’s punky idol Karen O on one night and then MGMT the next – jamming out to “Kids” together was one of those experiences that sealed the deal on our relationship status back in the day. Besides TV on the Radio, Deerhunter, Beach House, !!!, and Ya La Tengo, whom we already love, we know we’ll walk home on Sunday night with at least 5 new favorite bands… FYF always has a knack for picking the winners!

    Also, if I win the ticket, you guys can after-party at our place :-P. It’s only a short walk away from the park!!! Thanks for the opportunity – Grimy Goods f*ckin’ rocks!

  24. Oscar H.

    I am EXCITED to see Foxygen, Death Grip, Poolside, MGMT and Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Y’all should give me a free pair of weekend passes because I have been with GG since the beginning, I have NEVER been to FYF, it’s a great way for me to explore much more music out of my usual collection, and why not! Please and thank you!

  25. Greg C.

    Grimy, I am beyond excited to go to FYF this year – that is, if I win the tickets allowing me to do so! I’ve only been to one other FYF (2010) and I think it’s high time I made a return. Really hoping to check out some of my faves, like YYY’s, Holy (fucking) Ghost, Toro Y Moi, Poolside, and Mikal Cronin….can’t leave out FLAG and The Melvins either …..just to name a few. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be next weekend so please hook me up! Thanks GG!

  26. Cristina M.

    Hey GG! There are so many acts I would love to see at FYF, but I most need to mention Poolside, !!!, and Holy Ghost (all of whom are playing Sunday). Those 3 bands are among my absolute favorites and they never fail to impress me live. Seeing them in a festival setting with thousands of other people will be an experience like no other and I would love the opportunity to do so – especially all in ONE day. My dancing shoes would get a workout like they’ve never had before! Of course, I would also be stoked to see YYYs, Classixx, Beach House, TV on the Radio, Ty Segall, Kurt Vile, Charles Bradley, Simian Mobile Disco…just to name a few others!!

  27. Gloria

    The lineup to FYF is amazing! I would love to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Devendra Banhart, MGMT, Beach House, Washed Out, and Poolside!! I have never been to an outdoor music festival before and would love to go!

  28. Edward

    I’m most excited to see both My Bloody Valentine and Simian Mobile Disco! I’ll leave it up to chance and hope for a W!

  29. Valeria

    I would LOVE to see My Bloody Valentine and The Breeders! I’m a product of the 90’s!! My husband and I need a full day of awesome music, kid free style!!

  30. Zu Miz

    I’d like to see Glass Candy, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Butthurt, and Glass Candy. You should give me tickets so I can take my spoiled girlfriend out. Hopefully she’ll find another guy there, or at the very least we’ll lose each other during a concert and I can have some time to reflect on the state of my life.

    Joking aside, I’d most like pass these on to my sister who just started high school and has not yet discovered the darkness of reality. I stopped hearing the music a long time ago. She’ll enjoy it though. She likes music.

  31. Fernando bogarin

    Touche amore, everyone else is a bonus. All I want to do is pour my heart out for as long as their up and shout at the top of my lungs to their songs. I’ll count the hours having just one wish, if I’m doing fine there’s no point to this.

  32. Kyle Meisch

    It’s always been my dream to see MBV live. I thought I’d never get the chance, and to be honest, without winning these tickets I still may not get to see them. But if I do win, I’m excited to visit a friend of mine in California to go see MBV, Washed Out, Deerhunter, Beach House, and many other bands. That would be my dream. 🙂

  33. Joann

    So excited to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Beach House, Simian Mobile Disco, and TV on the Radio! Hate that I never got to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the palladium back in ’06 so been dying to see them live since then. Considering my boyfriend and I are broke after just finishing graduate school, this would be the best (and most affordable way) to celebrate 🙂

  34. Geoff

    FLAG!!!- My dad is a serious Black Flag fan and I would totally treat him if I win this..
    My Bloody Valentine- Saw them at coachella 2009 with my dad and honestly my hearing hasn’t been the same since!
    YeahYeahYeahs- Karen O is seriously a rock goddess.
    Beach House- Teen Dream is amazing!!
    Flume- Saw him at Low end.. wow!
    Death Grips- because Zach Hill is my favorite drummer!
    Holy Ghost- love anything DFA.
    Solange Knowles- Because shes so much better than Beyonce!
    Mac Demarco-Saw his performance on pitchforks fest live stream.. awesome!!
    Metz-Good punk vibes +
    Washed Out-Portlandia is the only intro I don’t skip and great sophomore album.
    and Baroness!! have so much respect for this band, still performing after a fucking awful accident. balls!

    Please pick me, I’d would love to give back to my dad for being so awesome and showing me to great music!

  35. John Hang

    I really want to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and My Bloody Valentine because I love women who can ROCK!

  36. Marlon Cervantes

    I’m excited to see TV On the Radio, Deerhunter, Devendra Banhart, The Breeders, Nosaj Thing, Delorean, My BLOODY VALENTINE (of course), Beach House, Yo La Tengo, Melvins, Les Savy Fav, Jonathan Richman, Baroness, Chelsea Wolfe, and so many more! I think I should win because it’s my last weekend in LA to spend with my friends before I go back to school!

  37. coleman

    I has to be the locust, classixx, and crystal antlers, washed out and joyce manor wouldnt be too bad either,
    Piccckkkk meeeeeee, because the past two fests I have purchased tickets and then wasnt able to go and this year its just too expensive.

  38. Kyle

    I am so stoked to see.. Kurt Vile, MGMT, Toro Y Moi, Devendra Banhart, Yo La Tengo, Washed out… And frankly I could sit here and name every band I wanted to see, but to be honest there is not a band I would not see. I love music and I love being around the festival atmosphere. Music is a very multi dimensional art that holds something special everyone and that’s what I admire about it the most. I would greatly appreciate the free ticket giveaway because unfortunately I’m not able to afford tickets this year, and I would love to be apart of the FYF 2013 experience. Best of luck to all!

  39. Jose Godinez

    I’m excited for YO LA TENGO and Eleanor Friedberger. Both put out top-notch albums this year that tickle my soul.

    I wanna be at FYF to enjoy my favorite music in the LA sun and get away from reality. Taking care of things can be overwhelming, and I can sure use the transcendence of music to make it through the rest of the year. 🙂

  40. stacey dott

    I NEED to see FLAG, The Melvins, Thee Oh Sees!….AND the YYYs for the FIRST time!!! You should give me passes because I’m poor, I need a good time, and it will make my mom & dad proud.

  41. Spencer Toler (@indigoxspice)

    I’ve been talking about this since i heard about it a month ago because 90% of my favorite bands are in the lineup. My favorites are YYY, TV on the Radio, Toro y Moi, Death Grips, MGMT, Shlohmo, and YESSSS MAAAAACCCC DEEEEMMAAARRCOOOOOO. I get more excited every time i read the list. I NEED THIS GUYS PLEASE!

  42. Nikki Stone

    I want to see The Locust, Flag, The Melvins, and the Breeders! You should give me a pair of tickets to FYF because I will otherwise be forced to eat each and every one of you, limb by limb.


    I need to see !!! and My Bloody Valentine. because i’ve never seen them. and they’re rad. and i’m rad. yup.

  44. Julie Tran

    I would loooooove to be able to see Toro Y Moi (my best friend introduced me to it and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since) along with beach house, sbtrkr, Yeah yeah yeahs, MGMT, FLUME especially! ahh, way too many good artists in one weekend to miss out on. This would truly make my year an unforgettable one. I’ve never won anything before… ha.

  45. Jackie J.

    I would love to win tickets to pay back my boyfriend for supporting me in everything that I do! I would love to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, and Beach House (but many many more!)

  46. Ronnie Gonzalez

    im soooo psyched to attend FYF Fest again this year – i’m coming all the way from bushwick, brooklyn NYC just to go to the fest, so i really wanna win these tix… mainly to finally see MBV live and to check out old favs yo la tengo and the breeders. but also really excited to see toro y moi, metz, the melvins, washed out, etc etc holy shit great line-up etc!!! let’s gooooooo!!!

  47. Amanda Martinek

    I’m really excited to see:
    Yeah Yeahs Yeahs (Karen O, ultimate girl crush)
    Devandra Banhart (the beard)
    Ty Segall (obsessed)
    Foxygen (super groovy)
    The Orwells (engaged and underage)
    And Mikal Cronin (his name sounds Russian)

    + I’m a poor and starving lover of music who would give you a big write up on (in conjunction with our FYF episode) and give Grimy Goods TONS O PROMO. Thanks 🙂

  48. Josh

    Obviously stoked to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs because Karen is a golden goddess and Nick is one of the coolest guitar players around. MGMT as well, going for that 2008-nostalgia-trip. My girlfriend is here from France, she needs to get to FYF even more than I do so she can learn about music other than Euro-pop! There’s no other way I’d rather end the summer!

  49. Karl Sunglao

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs! (because I missed them at coachella for reasons unknown)

    MGMT (because I slip slopped and missed them at Outsidelands 2011)

    Beach House (omg…Beach House)

    Deerhunter (DUDE…DEERHUNTER)

    Toro y Moi (becuase I saw him being drivin in a car once in SF during the weekend he played at Outsidelands, + his set set at Outsidelands was so groovy I have to find out this one song he played that I cannot seem to find on his discography)

    Simian Mobile Disco (SMD was one of those artists I came across shopping inside a Paul Frank Store and loved the song so much I had to ask the cashier to stop what he was doing and tell me what song was in the store turned out to be “Hustler”)

    Flume (got that dudes album with the purple cover….shit is tr!!iiiIIIpyxxx)

    Poolside (played at my college campus last fall, cool dudes smoked a dooby with em too)

    Nosaj Thing (been followin this cat forever, last I saw him was at the Eagle Rock Center of the Arts for a free show thrown by his label? I think thats correct)

    Classixx (cause I like to dance)

    Omar Soleyman (Saw this guy on the lineup for Outsidelands one of the 2 years I attended in 2011 or 2012 never got to see him but the guy looks sweet so his music must be intermaresting)

    Crystal Antlers (…………………………shit………)

    Antwon (*bobbin my head*)

    I think thats it! I gotta make breakfast cause im starving. *hand slaps* to ya. also I see you smiling as you read this but not in a weird way. ok ok in a weird way

  50. Jenna

    The bands that have been doing it for me lately that I need to see:


    The line-up this year is insane. I remember the first year of FYF when tickets were $30 and there were water shortages galore, but I had the greatest freaking time. I’m bummed that the prices have gone up a lot, but I know with that comes quality. My empty wallet cries for me, but this is the chance I need to enjoy great music before summer ends!!!

  51. Daniel Nieto

    I’ve never seeeeeen Yeah yeah yeahs live and I’ve loved loved loved them since highschool. (I’m 26) Also excited to see Washed Out because the new album kills me. ALSO I’ve never been to FYF Fest because I’m so broke!!!! Infact I’ve never been to any of these music festivals. So pick meeee! Me me choose me! Pretty pretty please with sugar on top? I’ll be your best friend forever!

  52. Pablo Aguirre

    Dudes i have to win!
    Toro y Moi Man! i love Toro y Moi. I didnt see him last time. 🙁 But maybe this time 😀
    Washed out!
    Poolside? :O
    Please this sounds like an awesome show and i really want to go. No joke!

  53. Vanessa Godoy

    i’ve literally never seen any of these bands LIVE and it would be amazing if i got to see them all for the first time 🙂

    THE LOCUST is at the top of my list of bands i waant to see omg!!
    mgmt,mac demarco, toro y moi, death grips, beachhouse, M.Bloody valentine, Dan Deacon<3, omg the breeders. such a good line-up FYF did it again

  54. Iliana

    I don’t have a specific band that I want to see, because I am excited about the music, the people and the experience. I love music and music is my religion, and I would love to win tickets to FYF. Many of the bands on the FYF lineup have songs that are part of my life and are connected to good memories of my life.

    Can’t wait to make new memories with the bands I’ll discover IF I WIN 😉

  55. Nay Josephine


    Hi Grimmy! I would LOOOOVEEE to win tix to this as I have yet to attend a fest this summer! I see everyone is interested in seeing YYY but I’m here for CW. I have been following our beautiful hometown babe Chelsea Wolfe for a couple of years, seeing her every local performance. This is the first time I am completely unable to afford seeing her! Please don’t let me break my streak of supporting local artists on their way up!
    I love you, Grimmy!


  56. Yail Cruz

    I will be in LA that weekend visiting from Mazatlan México, I would love to attend an LA music festival during my stayed there. Most exited to see MGMT, Beach House, Solange & Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Thank you!.

  57. Cisco R Ocks

    oh yeah, Beach House was amazing at Lolla, want to see Holy Ghost!, MBV, Washed Out, Classixx, Dan Deacon, Death Grips (since they lied about Lolla’s gig), Delorean, Flume, Horse Meat Disco, SMD vs Bicep, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs!! – @ciscorocks

  58. Jess C

    I’m excited to see all the bands I’ve never heard of! I loooooove finding new music! ♫

    Thank you so much! ☺

  59. Jaime Castelar aka Ciscorocks

    my Coachella fam bam and I have rented a home in Echo Park for the weekend ($1200), and would like to win a pair to have more of our peeps who are unemployed come join us at the festival and not just at the house.

  60. Laura Mayo

    FYF Fest! Where do I begin? I just moved out to Los Angeles about 6 months ago and I’m loving it. I moved from Denver and remember before moving looking up different fests I would like to go to once I was living here. I had bookmarked, FYF Fest. This is also how I found Grimy Goods, I think. I follow you in Instagram, too! Once I saw the lineup this year, I was ecstatic! But, moving expenses and finally finding a new job have left money a little tight. So, I was planning on postponing FYF until next year. Then, I saw your contest, and thought…WTH. I would love to win these tickets and have FYF Fest be my first LA music festival!

    Bands I’m excited about:
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
    Beach House
    Devendra Banhart

    The Breeders
    How to Dress Well
    Chelsea Wolfe


  61. Mary

    Hey Grimy Goods, I love FYF, I’d be super stoked to see Touche Amore, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio and Washed out. It would be sick to win a pair of tickets from you guys cause I’ve been trying to win tickets for this show all summer since I couldn’t get the cash for tickets.
    I’m a huge fan of touche amore and just want to hear them play at least one of their new songs live! 😀 Thanks for the opportunity, keeping my fingers crossed.

  62. Teeni-Yanei Sanchez

    I am first and foremost excited to see washed out live especially after their new album paracosms. i am also stoked to see my bloody valentine, how to dress well, mac demarco, beach house, mgmt and solange. saturday is the only day i can go but still the lineup is stacked so i am excited 🙂

  63. Joshua

    The lineup is incredible this year. Looking forward to seeing Solange and My Bloody Valentine, naturally. Yeah Yeah Yeahs will also be a hilight. Last time I saw them was a few years back in Atlanta, GA and Karen O punched me in the stomach (in a good natured way, of course) after the show for accidentally leading a huge crowd of fan girls in her direction!

  64. Katie

    I wanna go to FYF to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ty Segall, Deerhunter, The Melvin’s, Thee Oh Sees, Touché Amor, and Title Fight! My fiancé and I were going to get tickets but we have to save money for our wedding in January. I would be super stoked to win some tickets and go away for a weekend with him and get away from all the stress of planning a wedding!

  65. Linda Vazquez

    First of all the fact that this concert is being held literally in my backyard has a special signficance to me because it enables me to truly value and appreciate living in LA let alone embrace my hometown Lincoln Heights. Last year I was unable to attend this event and have been regretting not attending it ever since. And of course nothing is better than summer days spent listening to some great tunes live with the view of Downtown LA in the back. I am eager to see Toro Y Moi, Thee Oh Sees, The Orwells, Beach House, Crystal Antlers, TV on the Radio, Devendra Banhart, Chelsea Wolfe, and Deerhunter. These are bands that I have yet to see live and tour rarely within this area, thus I would love to see them play live for the first time. Of course you cannot go wrong with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT. I have seen them once already and they were two of the best concerts I have attended! Karen O definitely knows how to entertain the crowd and demonstrate her talent as an artist. This festival brings back the good ol summer festivals that expose great music by great artists to music fanatics.

  66. Kristi C.

    PLEASE!!!!!! OMG PLEASEE allow me to see The Locust and the Melvins!!!! This is such a rare opportunity to see The Locust since all the members are busy doing other awesome projects. And I love bugs. And Melvins! Legendary! Grimy Goods, I would be so stoked and so thankful if I got to see said awesome bands!!! Here’s hoping I get those grimy golden tickets!!

  67. Aaron

    Well I’m sure you’ll be getting hundreds of entries for this one, rightfully so. WHAT A HOT LINE-UP THIS YEAR! Holy Crumb. It’s almost too good, meaning there will be competing awesome bands at the same time on different stages. I’m going to have to replicate myself to do this up proper. YYY, TVOTR, Beach House, MBV, Devendra Banhart (which incarnation of him this time?!), the Breeders, !!!, Kurt Vile, fricking etcetera ad infinitum.

  68. Bryant Varela

    I would love to win these tickets because I’ve tried to see Beach House every time they’ve come to LA and I would hate to break my commitment to them!! Victoria and Alex are amazing live and to see then among so many other awesome bands like Toro y moi, washed out, strfkr, and yeah yeah yeahs would be the biggest privilege!

  69. Jose Alan

    I would love to see my bloody valentine, Holy Ghost! Devendra banhart tv on the radio yeah yeah yeahs and many others! Went to FYF a few years ago and it was a great experience! I haven’t able to go back but would really love to go back!

  70. Nicole

    I would DIE to see the yeah yeah yeahs. I’ve been in love with them since middle school and I’ve never had a chance to see the. It seems like every opportunity I get, something always comes in the way! This time my doggie got sick and had a nasty vet bill which unfortunately took all of my FYF fest ticket money. Another band I’m dying to see is title fight. I’m a huge fan and would like to see them for like the 10th time. I wouldn’t mind seeing touché amoure, the Melvin’s, the breeders, mgmt, flag and Joyce manor. I would just be awesome to win.

  71. Alex R

    I’ve been wanting to attend FYF for the past two years, but unfortunately have not had the chance to go. Some bands I would really want to see are Beach House Toro y Moi, Yo La Tengo, Title Fight,Touche Amore, Deerhunter, Marc DeMarco, Joyce Manor , Ty Segall,Chelsea Wolfe and many more! Winning this would make the last two days of summer vacation before school so much better!

  72. Jose Sepulveda

    I would love to see Touche Amore and How to Dress Well. I deserve to win because I’ve never been to an FYF fest! I have lived in LA all my life and I have never been able to attend. Every year FYF happens a week into the school semester, however this year its going on 2 days before school! I would love to end this summer by attending for the first time FYF Fest and seeing two of my favorite bands!

    much love,

  73. Marisa Rose

    that awesome moment when your iphone posts a comment before you’re done filling it out
    // ANYWAY//

    I’m excited to see :
    Touché Amore, Deerhunter, TV on The Radio, Joyce Manor, Holy Ghost!, Eleanor Friedberger, Comedian Jonah Ray, Title Fight, Glasser, Guards
    Why should I win:
    I just moved to Los Angeles a few months ago and since moving here, I’m not gonna lie – the city of angels has been a little rougher than I was anticipating. If I were to win the opportunity to go to FYF and see these bands all in one weekend, it would help me enjoy the city, the music I love and be an awesome way to wind the summer down.

    Thanks! Fingers crossed



  74. Derek R

    I’m excited to see TV On the Radio, Flag, Deerhunter, Devendra, Toro y Moi, the Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Foxygen, My Bloody Valentine, Beach House, Washed Out, the Melvins, Shlohmo, Kurt Vile, Baroness, Touche Amore, Classixx, Mikal Cronin! I should win because I haven’t won a ticket giveaway in a good while! Thanksssss!!!

  75. Hazel Leyva

    I really would love the chance to see !!!, Flume, Classixx, yeah yeah yeahs, MGMT, toro y moi and STRFKR live! It’s the weekend before I head back to school and I can’t think of a more perfect way to end the summer than on such a music high! And enjoying it all in the city I’ve grown up in, I can only imagine it to be such a ridiculously insane good time.

  76. Christian C

    Excited for mgmt and foxygen. I wanna go because I am officially broke. Can’t afford internet, so I’m posting this using my neighbours WiFi. Shhhh!

  77. Nina

    want to see the melvins, the breeders, ty segall, shlohmo very very verrrrrry badly. I should win cause i’ve never been to a music festival and cant afford to go to this one if I don’t win the tix. Honestly it would be the most magical fucking thing if I won i couldn’t even tell you. The location/the bands everything about it is perf except for the $$$.

  78. Alisha Acosta

    I really want to see Flume, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mac DeMarco, TV on the Radio, Shlohmo, Solange, MGMT!!!!

    I think should win passes because after paying my tutition I am now a truly “broke college student” so this would be the ultimate way to celebrate my last weekend of freedom before I go back to school that Monday!

  79. Ruben Pellecer

    I’d love to see MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio, My Bloody Valentine! I wish I could win those passes because I have been a victim of the layoffs in recent years and being unemployed and trying to get to find steady work is hard enough. imagine trying to go see any concerts or festivals. It’d be a dream come true.

  80. Fernando Sanchez

    I love to see MGMT, Mac Demarco, and Death Grips!! I have never been to FYF and I am tired of hearing my cousin and friends telling me how great it is! They go every year! I never go because I don”t have the money, all my money goes toward my education. This would make my summer x100!!!!

  81. Maria Navarro

    I’m from Venezuela, but I’m spending this summer in LA, and I think it’s more than obvious that I don’t have that much money to afford the tickets. Basically the chances of seeing such an amazing bands and artists live, like My Bloody Valentine, Beach House, Yo la tengo, in my country are pretty much none, zero. And honestly I’ve never had the opportunity to experience this kind of thing, I’d really appreciate this.

  82. Joshua Clark

    I’m excited to see TV on the Radio, you should give me a pair of weekend passes because I’ve never been to FYF-fest and really want to experience it

  83. Rachel

    Effff yeah FYF! Dying to go this year! Just wanna dance with somebody named !!!, definitely wanna sway to Beach House, and groove with Toro y Moi. Holy Ghost! and Flume are bucket lists for sure. Seriously want to take it all in – bask in the sun, assail my ears to the symphonic sounds and dance til my legs turn to jello!

  84. flor

    mbv, death grips, the breeders , yyy’s ; winning an fyf ticket would turn my bummer summer to the most GOAT summer ever

  85. Cindy Nguyen

    Less than a week ago, I came back from volunteering to teach English in Vietnam. I had an amazing and rewarding time, but I miss listening to alternative/indie rock and going to concerts here in California. Unfortunately, I used up a LOT of money on my trip–so I don’t have a lot to spend on concerts. I’ve never been to FYF Fest before, so this would be an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. I’d absolutely love to see Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (this band helped me through middle school), Beach House, and Toro Y Moi!

  86. Stephanie Tran

    Being a Southern Californian, I’ve been wishing and dying to go to FYF Fest and experience all of its major epicness. The top bands that I am freaking out to see are Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, MGMT, Beach House, and CHVRCHES. With these bands, FYF Fest will be a beerfilled funtastic musicthrill. If I had passes, I for one would definitely be dancing and singing to the wee hours. I better prepare for an epicness that weekend.

  87. Franchesco Ramos

    I’m honestly excited to see everyone, but most of all Death Grips. Saw them last year on my birthday at The Echoplex. They came out with two solid fantastic albums and they’re a band that just carries all that raw energy into the crowd that makes their shows absolutely wild! I would love to see them again. Thank!

  88. Irene Kim

    I’m stoked to possibly being able to see Mac Demarco, Flume, Glasser, Ty Segall, Shlohmo, Nosaj Thing, Washed Out and especially Toro y Moi! All these artists I named are in my list of my top favorite artists, so it’d be great to see them all live.
    I really think I deserve these tickets because I’ve always been wanting to go to FYF Fest, but never had the time or the money to go, and I’ve missed all the opportunities I’ve had to see Toro y Moi (my all-time favorite artist).

  89. Alexia Haney

    The entire weekend looks amazing! Seeing Karen O for the first time would be the best birthday present. Not to mention if you pick me, I promise to get you drunk. Win, win for everyone right?

  90. Adam

    Dudes. Bros. Dudebros.

    Never seen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine, Flag, The Breeders, Death Grips, MGMT, Les Savy Fav, Omar Souleyman, Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Doug Benson, Brendon Small, Jonah Ray

    Can’t wait to see again – TVOTR, Dan Deacon, Mikal Cronin, !!!, Crystal Antlers, Kumail Nanjiani.

    This is one of the most righteous line ups I have ever seen. I’ll be in El Paso a few days before the fest. Money is tight but I could swing gas if I won tickets (It would also be easier to get someone to split gas if I could promise a free pass). I’ve never seen LA and this would be an incredible introduction.

  91. Ivan Castaneda

    I have been dying to see How to Dress Well,Solange (who might have Blood Orange[DEV HYNES] playing with her!), Death Grips, Ty Segall, MGMT,Crystal Antlers,Mac DeMarco, My Bloody Valentine, Beach House and of course the YEAH YEAH YEAHS!
    I’ve been trying to go to FYF since 2008 back when it was one day and only $25 but being broke most of the time as a high school kid back then and now as a broke college kid its difficult to just buy a weekend pass let alone a 70 dollar one day pass(which sold out fast) and it would be perfect if yall can help me out.

  92. Kevin Campos

    I’m most excited to see Mac Demarco, MGMT, My Bloody Valentine,Ty Segall, Toro Y Moi, Flume, Washed Out and Roky Erikson.
    I’ve never seen any of the artists I’ve listed and It would be amazing to catch them at the park with my best friend cause we’re both broke.

  93. Laura

    I’d love to see everyone from 60s psychedelic pioneer Roky Erickson to newer acts like Shlohmo, Poolside, Flume, Classix and STRFKR.

    I’ve associated some pretty incredible memories with FYF Fest from seeing Ryan Gosling grace the stage with Dead Man’s Bones in 2010 (back when tickets were still in the double digits), to Purity Ring absolutely kill it 2 years in a row.

    There’s also been some less than savory memories from having allergy attacks because of the dust paths connecting the stages or heat exhaustion because the water ran out one year in the crazy hot summer weather. However its the amazing acts and probably something in the LA air or water that keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for considering me, and keep up the informative posts!

  94. Ernest Esplana

    I want to see MBV! I went to my first Coachella in 2009 just to see them but had to leave on Sunday and since then i never got the chance to see them again 🙁

  95. Dimitri Smith

    I want to see Poolside! Their California Sunset brought me through some difficult times. And some mellow days at the pool. Seeing them, MBV, Deerhunter, and MGMT (I actually like their new stuff) would make me and my girlfriend the happiest little campers in the west. Oh and Classixx kick ass too!

  96. Chris

    I’ve been eye-humping this linup since day 1 but I lack the funds to go… A free ticket would be so amazing, especially since these will be my last days of a short summer break before I go back to school! I could just list the whole lineup but decided to narrow it down to save space: YYY, TV On The Radio, Deerhunter, Simian Mobile Disco, Toro Y Moi, Strfkr, Thee Oh Sees (fuck yes), Ty Segall, Delorean, Crystal Antlers, Beach House, Washed Out, Holy Ghost!, Flume, !!!, Classixx

  97. Consuela Morales-Streit

    I just LOVE music! So I would totally enjoy watching all these bands (MGMT, Deerhunter, Beach House)..even the ones I’m not familiar with. That being said, I am a huge YYY fan! I’ve never seen Karen O. live and keep missing her every time she comes to town to perform. It would be so awesome to finally catch on of her shows. 🙂

  98. Amy Nguyen

    Washed out and Beach House will be there this year and not to mention I’ve been waiting over half my life to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Give a poor college student a break 😛

  99. Aaron Hasson

    This show looks totally awesome! With artists like Eleanor Friedberger, Flume, Foxygen, and !!! it’s can’t miss. Really would love to win tix.

  100. Andrew Long

    I would love the opportunity to attend FYF this year because after the weekend the festival takes place, my social life will be no more. I work a full time job, will be starting a new semester of school, and devoting most of my time commuting, studying, and resting. I’ve only seen 1 band on that entire lineup, and spending my last free weekend at FYF sounds like the perfect way to go out with a bang. Washed Out, YYY’s, and TV On The Radio are the bands I’m most excited to see and are 3 very meaningful bands to me. I’ve never seen any of them and would be so grateful to see them perform while I still can, as well as discover new bands. Thank You.

  101. Grace

    Would love to win these tickets for my birthday as a penniless art college student. Amazing way to end off the summer before going back to being enslaved at school. Excited to see Devendra Banhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio, Beach House, and many more! Crazy giveaway, go Grimy Goods!

  102. Miguel Garcia

    Toro y Moi,Kurt Vile,Holy Ghost!,Washed Out,ANTWON and of course Chelsea Wolfe!! and pretty much just about all of the bands it’s just those are my favs!!!

  103. Young

    Devendra Banhart and Deerhunter are two of my absolute favorites and I have yet to see either live. It would be an incredible summer LA experience before I leave the city!

  104. Arthur Robert Padilla

    Oh my lord! Flag, the Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Breeders!! I love these bands and interested to see some new ones! This is by far the best fest of the summer!!

  105. philip Kuon

    i’d love to catch toro y moi and nosaj thing live, chinatown is my backyard and the LA historic park is an amazing venue for music festivals.

  106. Andre Cruz

    TVOTR – I’ve never seen them
    Beach House – tickets to their shows always sell put
    Deerhunter – if Atlas Sound is amazing, then there is no word to describe this band
    Thee Oh Sees – awesomeness
    Title Fight, Touché Amore – were standouts at FYF 2 yrs ago
    Crystal Antlers – because on day they will headline the festival

  107. Gabriel Pearlman

    Wanna be a Feeder on the Breeders’ Last Splash
    Want Enrichment from Jonathan Richman, Straight-Up Class
    Bask in some Dan Deacon and his Beacons of Flash
    YOLO for Yo La
    and Can’t Lack Mac Demarco, oh, if I are Going to the Bash!

    Historic, I want to get historic.

    Thanks for the contest Grimy soooo Goods!!!

  108. José Gómez

    As a starving university student from Pomona, I’ll arrive to FYF via municipal public transit lines with a soul burning to listen to Thee Oh Sees, Beach House & Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires because not many contemporaries can achieve the distinct sound that these music groups share during their performances. Inversely, I am beyond stoked to get funky and groove to Toro y Mari, Poolside, and MGMT.

    Thank you.

  109. Christina

    Hi! At FYF, I would love to see Beach House, STRFKR, and TV on the Radio!
    I would love to win these two passes because FYF is during my birthday weekend and I would be so stoked if I won two tickets for my birthday! Thanks for hosting giveaway!!! You guys rock!!!!!

  110. Lorena

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!! The Breeders! Nosaj Things! MGMT! I MEAN KAREN O and also because my monopoly money was not acceptable currency when trying to purchase tickets neither was me trying to barter with all my properties i landed in jail (with NO get outta jail card) a couple times trying to develop them with houses and hotels but did they care nope! ……is it obvious that im broke as hell for any real fun and my summer fun may or may not have consisted of a never ending monopoly game?

  111. Demetria

    I think you guys should pick me because I’m a broke art student sooo many of my favorite artists are performing and it’s all at one festival such as: Toro Y Moi, Death Grips, Strfkr, Joyce Manor, Underachievers, MGMT, Solange, Beach House, Title Fight, Touche Amore, and more! This would mean a lot to me and i’d really appreciate it

  112. Darren Duque

    I want to see TVOTR & Strfkr! Please pick me because I need that FYF dust storm up my nose to make my summer complete.

  113. Hannah Boyd

    I would be so very excited to see Beach House, Mac Demarco, Guards, Devendra, Crystal Antlers and a bunch of bands I’ve heard of but haven’t hearddd yet, if you know what I mean! I’ve never been to FYF but I would love to go! Thanks a ton!
    – Hannah

  114. Yessenia Nataly Villa

    I’m so excited to try and see everyone, but I’m super extra stoked for Ty Segall, Crystal Antlers, and DEVENDRA BANHART!!! I would love to go, especially since this would be a great birthday present (my birthday is on the 24th!!!!!!) I really really REALLY want to goooooooo~

  115. Mondrian Correa

    FYF? Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs!!! For all music Breeders, I want my Last Splash!!! I want My Bloody Valentine running in my veins!!! Yo La Tengo so much luck to win those FYF tickets!!! That’s good? That’s Grimy Goods!!! ; ) Hey @GrimyGoods, I entered your #contest to #win a pair of weekend passes to @FYFFest Aug. 24-25!

  116. Nikki Nguyen

    (..contd) I would be super grateful if I won because I’d get to see all my favorite bands at one place and the amount of cash I spent on their music and merch pretty much equals the equivalence of a weekend pass if not more :::)))

  117. Torr Leonard

    I deserve tickets because my 4 month old son is taking up all my time and money and i deserve a day off.

    I’m most excited to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Beach House, Holy Ghost! and Kurt Vile.

  118. jazmin cordero

    I want to win these tickets because one, Joyce Manor!! I’ve never seen them live and I would kill to see them, also Ty Segall, The Oh Sees, Beach House, soo many great bands! two, I’ve been wanting to go these past two years but I either had no money or I was out of town, I would kill to have these tickets, this would literally complete my life!

  119. Nikki Nguyen

    I’m stoked to see Ty Segall, Mac Demarco, Toro Y Moi, Beach House, Starfucker, The Oh Sees, Deerhunter, Devendra Banhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Washed Out, MGMT, and Kurt Vile… basically the entire line up is amazing and there’s tons more I’m excited for.

  120. Claudia

    it’s plain & simple! I just wanna have an unforgettable weekend with the person I love enjoying our favorite artists & comedians! ++++good vibes+++

  121. Izzy Loya

    ‘Hit me with FYF Music’

    My soul can’t wait to be moved and soothed by “The Screaming Eagle of Soul”, Mr. Charles Bradley! The chill waves that will hit my body compliments of Toro y Moi & Washed Out… And to be reunited with the crazy diamonds, MGMT. The music in this festival will bring me joy, peace, and nirvana! These artists at FYF are my inspiration to keep going as a musician/songwriter. I long for these tickets more than anything. Thank you, Grimy Goods.



  122. Ashley

    I would love to be able to come back to FYF Fest! I haven’t been since 2010 and I saw Title Fight and Touche Amore there, and I would love to see them both again this year along with Joyce Manor. It would mean a lot to me to see my favourite bands before having to go back to school.

  123. Kim

    Holy Ghost! Because they are great and hardly make it out to LA!
    Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires because he’s an Old Soul Man and is the man!

  124. Mark Svenningsen

    Obviously, the long awaited return of MBV and after the show YYY put on at Coachella those are obvious choices. But my #1, is TV On the Radio – especially how much new material they play from their upcoming album – the way they described it so far sounds unlike anything they’ve ever done and that is so exciting to me. But, even if they only play per-released songs, they’re always amazing.

  125. Aaron Larson

    I wanna see CHVRCHES… I’m a pastor’s kid, it’s a place of worship. It all works out in the wash. Oh, and I think V is the new U. It’s a neat trend bandwagon we should jump on. Spelling is no longer important, only music is.

  126. Jonathan

    I would really absolutely love to see My Bloody Valentine, Baroness, The Melvin’s, and Yo La Tengo.

    Me and my girlfriend have been going to FYF every year since the beginning and this year we don’t have the means to. So, it would mean a lot to us if we went.
    Thanks y’all.

  127. Christianne "Dominique" Flores

    I’m too stoked to get my boogie on to some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Solange, Thee Oh Sees, Washed Out, Foxygen, and basically 75% of this whole lineup! Make my last summer in LA one to remember before I move up to SF! Make me a happy camper Grimy Goods!

  128. Mathew

    TVOTR and MGMT! Toro, Flume, The Orwells. Best line up yet. Would love to be able to go! Haven’t been to FYF since the first one!

  129. Audrey Posl

    I would like to see the Death Grips because they’re as angry about random stuff as I am about not having the cash to see them. And Devendra Banhart. And MBV so I can relive trying to sleeping on the floor overnight at LAX listening to Loveless over and over.

  130. Andrew Malagon

    I should win because I like cats. Oh and I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!!! The FYF lineup is way to awesome!

  131. Theresa Johnson

    Hey GG!! I would LOVE to win tickets to FYF Fest! I am most excited to see Delorean, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, and TV on the Radio. I have never been to this festival but have always wanted to go. Please, pretty please pick me, and I will be forever grateful! Thanks for always keeping me up to date on local music events and exposing me to new acts… I <3 you, Grimy Goods!!

  132. Kevin Gonzalez

    I’ve never been to this festival before, but the lines up have been so good over the past years. I really want to see Toro y Moi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nosaj Thing, MGMT, Beach House, Solange, Washed Out, Holy Ghost, Shlohmo, Flume, & Classixx. I create to these bands/artists music. Their sound has helped me go through college and help me better my craft. Seeing live performances would be a great experience for inspiration reasons. Due to financial reasons I cant make it out, but it would be really ill to win these tickets. Hope I get that email and good looks on the give away opportunity.

  133. Blanca Danika Vargas

    Hi All you good people of FyF! I couldn’t afford tickets this year, it’s been a real bummer. I’ve been trying my darndest to win some. I hear Paul Sheer will be in this year, I would hate to miss that. The Oh Sees & Touche Amore all hold special places in my heart. Along with the undeniable My Bloody Valentine, all this is once in a lifetime. I would appreciate tickets more than anything. I hope whoever gets them deserves them!

  134. Alex Vonhungen

    Most excited to see Dan Deacon!, TVOTR, MBV, Washed Out, Simian Mobile Disco and more!

    I went to FYF two years ago and was soooo excited to see Dan Deacon. I got a nice spot near the front in the incredibly crowded area. There were literally bodies pressing against me from all sides at the same time. Less than a minute into the first song i was jumping up and down when my body was shifted in mid-air and I came down on someone else’s foot twisting my ankle. What ensued next was one of the most awful half hours of my life. I was in so much pain but literally could not move to free myself from the crowd. I dont even remember the music, all i could think about what blocking out the pain. Well two years later I am healthy and desperately want the Dan Deacon experience that eluded me in 2011. I downloaded his app, and am ready to party down. This time I’ll wear hightops.

  135. Mark Olivas

    I don’t know why MGMT isnt the biggest name on the flier but i would like to see them the most. Them and Deerhunter.

  136. Cameron Carbone

    FLAG! The Locust! TVotR! Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Joyce Manor! MBV! Simian Mobile Disco b2b Bicep! Toro y Moi! Holy Ghost! Classixx! Touche Amore!

    Mon Dieu, the list goes on and on. I’m going to have the hardest time deciding on who will have to be sacrificed! Winning these tix is the only way my unemployed ass is going to be able to attend this wonderful event… So help a brotha out?

  137. Kristen

    I’m excited to see shlohmo, washed out, holy ghost, tor y moi, how to dress well, and artists that I’ve never even heard of !!! I’ve never been to a festivalbut always wanted to go. I spend most of my time at school and work to pay for my tuition, FYF is exactly what i need to end the summer of 2013 with !

  138. Gabriella morales

    I’m excited to see Toro y Moi and the yeah yeah yeahs! It would be the best way to finish off my summer !

  139. Alexza Rodriguez

    Who DONT I want to see at FYF this year??? Toro y Moi, Beach House, the Underachievers, STRFKR, Shlohmo, ugh. What better way to end midterms by going to FYF and just relaxin, listening to music! school takes up most of my money and it would be nice to get to see all this if I was able to win tickets 🙂

  140. Pablo

    Flag,The Locust,Death Grips,The Melvins,,and Antwon

    Black Flag has been one of my fav bands of all time since I was 14 years old. Seeing the Keith Morris/Dez Line up would be a dream come true. The Locust are are also one of my all time fav bands and I have been wanting to see them forever and this ismy only chance. I NEED TO SEE THE LOCUST. Death Grips have been playing a lot on my Ipod for the past year and to sing a long witht hem would be dope. I also need to see The Melvins,!!!,and Antwon live. Pick me please!

  141. Kavan Sabahi

    As always, i wish to go somewhere kick ass with my my girlfriend, i.e. the crazy mother fucker who gets down in the pit with me. So many awesome bands and so little money in our pockets. Plus, i have yet to be to an actual festival, and i wanna be able to get a feel for these things cause they seem so damn awesome!

  142. mrgn

    i’m excited to see yyy’s, mgmt, breeders, devendra banhart, simian mobile disco, kurt vile, paul sheer, and kumal nanjiani! and i should win because im super broke and probably wont be able to go otherwise 🙂

  143. Sheena

    I NEED to see the YYY’s! and also TV on the Radio, Deerhunter, Toro Y Moi, Beach House, Yo La Tengo, Washed Out, Holy Ghost!, Poolside and Simian Mobile Disco.
    I really really want to go and experience another reason why LA is awesome!

  144. Drea

    finally seeing the breeders will be epic, also of course my bloody valentine!!! And Kurt vile. AND like everyone. This is my last weekend in LA, I’m literally moving to England on Tuesday, can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate my hometown one last time!

  145. jory

    I can’t wait to see FLAG and deerhunter. You should pick me because i’d totally make it worth your while.<3 <3 <3!!!!

  146. Alyssa

    I’m excited to see so many bands on this lineup (if I win)! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, !!!, Poolside! The list goes on. And The Orwells, I missed them last year at FYF but after reading about their show this weekend at Lolla I’d make 100% sure not to miss that!

  147. Shane Greenberg

    A few years ago, I became great friends with somebody named Dave Schwem. Dave and I bonded heavily over My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields’ innovative use of atmospheric guitar sounds and recording techniques. It was through our mutual admiration for mbv that Dave and I grew to become some of the best of friends. He modified an old Fender Telecaster by hand to sound exactly like the one Kevin used on the mbv album “Loveless.” Unfortunately, last November, Dave passed away in a tragic accident falling off a rooftop in Portland. He was one of the most special, talented, gut-wrenchingly funny people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I know for a fact he wouldn’t want me to miss this opportunity to see My Bloody Valentine at such an awesome show. PLEASE HELP ME SEE MY BLOODY VALENTINE! FOR DAVE!

  148. Juan

    With Holy Ghost!, !!!, and Classixx playing, it’s like Los Angeles WANTS me to dance. I wouldn’t want to disappoint an entire city.

  149. daisey

    I really want to go to FYF because well first of all I’d love to be able to see a lot of my favorite bands all in the same year! I was so excited to see that deerhunter was on the bill as well. I’ve seen deerhunter 2 years ago and it was honestly the coolest and beautiful moment ever, and I’d love to see Bradford Cox perform again. The other bands performing that I’d love to see are MGMT and Beach House, Toro y Moi, ty segall, death grips, washed out, mbv, mac demarco and wow there’s more to list and this festival literally has so many bands I admire and all in the same weekend! it’s crazy and being a broke student this would save me money and make me so happy. I really would love to go!! and i just remembered the locust! are playing that is so great 😀 they haven’t played in years (literally!) and I cant miss this! I really would love to go.

  150. Christopher Curtis

    The Locust
    Death Grips
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    I was suppose to see The Locust on their 2007 tour at the Chain Reaction. I was ready to go and my ride bailed on me and I have been torn apart since because I was never able to see The Locust. I just found out they are playing and I must see them. It would make me the happiest man alive to finally see them come back. On the same level, I have been dreaming of seeing Kieth Morris do a Black Flag set for over a decade and it is finally coming true. If I win these tickets, it will make several of my dreams come true.

  151. Grace Dunn

    If the contest is still going on, I would love to see Roky Erickson (13th floor elevators shake my soul) and MBV at least once in my lifetime. My buddy Melissa is a massive The Breeders fan. Super excited for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Toro Y Moi, Deerhunter, Ty Segall, THEE OH SEES, Charles Bradley, Yo La Tengo, and ethereal duo Beach House because I still haven’t been able to catch any of these acts at Coachella or music fest. Broke college students. This entire line-up is exciting. I wish me and Melissa could be apart of it naturally being LA natives. She deserves a pick-me up as struggling musician herself (The Cherry Wire). This would make our year, heck the rest of our lives would be changed!! If you could make this happen we’d be so grateful as it would be our first, incredibly memorable FYF FEST!!

  152. Alan G

    I would love to see Kurt Vile and the Violators, Devendra Banhart, TV on the Radio, Baroness, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and MBV! I love going to music festivals and I promise not to constantly Instagram/Facebook when I’m at the show — I’ll be living in the moment and loving it. Thanks 🙂

  153. Elias Chavez

    Most excited for Touche Amore, Joyce Manor, Death Grips, Baroness, and Title Fight. I should win tix cuz I’d take a certain special chica to this dope fest for a day of great music as a celebration of the end of her summer school sessions and working 2 jobs. Also who doesnt want to stage dive during LA natives Touche Amore! 😛

  154. PJ Summers

    Death Grips
    My Bloody Valentine
    And of course Yeah Yeah Yeahs because I have to finally see live, the first female to turn me on using only her voice, haha. Of course there are other bands I would like to see. These are just my “have to” see bands. I work hard just to see all of my money go to bills. A chance to get out and cut loose would be a welcome vacation in my mind. Daddy needs to have a good time.

  155. Timothy Kloss

    !!! (Chik Chik Chik)
    Beach House
    Charles Bradley
    Chelsea Wolfe
    Dan Deacon
    Death Grips
    Devendra Banhart
    Eleanor Friedberger
    Fear of Men
    FLAG (Keith, Chuck, Dez, Billy & Stephen playing the songs of Black Flag)
    Holy Ghost!
    Horse Meat Disco
    How to Dress Well
    Jonathan Richman
    Joyce Manor
    Kurt Vile & the Violators
    Les Savy Fav
    Mac Demarco
    Mikal Cronin
    My Bloody Valentine
    Nosaj Thing
    Omar Souleyman
    Roky Erickson
    The Breeders (Performing Last Splash)
    The Melvins
    The Orwells
    The Underachievers
    Thee Oh Sees
    Title Fight
    Toro y Moi
    Touche Amore
    TV on the Radio
    Ty Segall
    Washed Out
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Yo La Tengo
    + more

    Because music is my life and i want to take my mother who has cancer.

  156. Oscar Sanchez

    I am most excited for the smaller bands (The Orwells, Mac Demarco), because you then realize the early folk are truly the music aficionados riding on a wave a great vibes. I have been going to FYF for years and sadly this year I haven’t the money. So if you decide to pick me, I’ll be forever grateful and will make sure to be one of the first people in line to get in! Thanks.

  157. Eli

    I would be super stoked to see My Bloody Valentine, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Solange and Death Grips. I should win passes because I’ve never been, would love to explore LA, and it would be an amazing surprise for a broke college graduate. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  158. eho

    I’m daying to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nosaj Thing, and Solange. I should win the tickets because i want to lose my voice screaming and dancing!

  159. Jonathan Pineda

    WOW where do i even begin with this amazing lineup. Im excited to see My Bloody Valentine,The Locust!!,Death Grips,Metz,The Orwells, etc. I would be pretty stoked to be able to see so many bands that i really appreciate. I would like to leave the real world and enjoy this awesome weekend before i go to school which is the next day. Thanks Grimy for this contest.

  160. Dominic

    Bands that I’m excited to hear playing and hopefully see at this years FYF Fest are Deerhunter, Mikal Cronin, The Orwells, Toro Y Moi, Beach House, and Mac DeMarco. But If I had a reason why I would want to go it would be TY SEGALL, TY SEGALL, and TY SEGALL.

  161. Jasmine Casillas

    I need a weekend full of GOOD music before I head back to school. Let me soak in the sun waves while I dance to Flume, vibe with Shlohmo, and chill with Mac DeMarco!

    Please Grimy Goods?

  162. Oscar Erik Portillo

    I really want to see Devendra Barnhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, DeerHunter, 0Nosaj thing, The oh sees, washed out and the Melvins. I’d love to win these tickets cause it’d be my very first fest and it would be my ideal way to end my summer! 🙂

  163. Raine

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d be especially excited to see death grips, !!!, toro y moi, chelsea wolfe, holy ghost! etc… I’d love to win these because I’d like to end my summer right, this poor art student needs to get out of the house! I live in a town on the outskirts of LA where we have nothing to do and a chance to attend FYF would certainly be the highlight of my summer! I’ve never won anything before, so winning this would be pretty rad. (∪ ‿ ∪)

  164. Leonard King

    Hey GrimyGoods! Just wanna start this off by saying thank you for always doing these kinds of giveaways.

    I’d be most excited to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Solange, Toro Y Moi, The Underachievers, and so many of the other acts. The lineup is amazing!

    I’d really like the opportunity to go because I’m trying to impress this girl I really like. We’ve been together for a while now and I would love to take her to see her to see some of her favorite bands but I’m a typical broke college student.

  165. Taylor Sparkman

    I’m excited to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because I wanted to see them at coachella but unfortunately my friends were holding me back at the tent and we got in so late we missed their entire set. I would be so happy to end my summer seeing one of my all time favorite bands and I will see them by myself if I have to this time, not letting anyone get in the way of me missing them.

  166. Adria Aulestia

    Hi Grimy Goods! The fest this year is so packed with amazing bands, all the way down to the fine print this year that it’s hard to pick favorites. I am really excited about the rare opportunities to see acts like My Bloody Valentine and The Breeders, both of which I have been a fan of for a very long time and may not have another chance to see. I also can’t wait for Charles Bradley and Solange to bring the soul and make me dance! Can’t forget the legendary acts like the godfather of psychedelia Roky Erickson and Mr. Modern Lover himself Jonathan Richman. Oh man, Guards, Glasser, Foxygen… METZ! Oh, and did I forget to say Beach House?! And then of course the real magic of music festivals is to discover your new favorite band from acts you’re less familiar with. Please make my FYF dreams come true! Thank you Grimy Goods!

  167. Denisse Martinez

    Hey Grimy Goods I am excited to see Death Grips because they actually said they would show up to play at FYF, Nosaj Thing as well to see some of that LA talent! I believe I should win the tickets because this would be the last event I really cant wait to attend before I move to a new city in a different country on my own in a month and a half. It would be nice to go to FYF and hangout with my friends and enjoy quality music for one last time!

  168. Christine

    Im excited to see Beach House and Washed Out! Please pick me… I would die to end the summer with FYF!!!!

  169. Christine

    Im excited to see Beach House, Washed Out, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Please pick me I would love to end the summer with an amazinggggg time at FYF!!!

  170. tompee zialcita

    excited to see the yeah yeah yeahs! been a fan since their first LP, haven’t seen them live though so pick me!

  171. eric vasquez

    I am excited to see My Bloody Valentine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Tv on the Radio and basically the whole line up.

  172. Bri Urena

    Grimmy! I’m über amped to see the YYYs, The Oh Sees, The Melvins, MGMT, and FLAG to name a few. I’ve never been to FYF eventhough I religiously follow all of their FB posts (its hard being a young adult on a budget!). My boyfriend and I are newly engaged and have never been to a concert together. We get so tired of the routine of work, work WORK and the damn hot desert over in Palm Springs. SAVE US! Let us kick-off with a kick-ass party to our engagement <3

  173. Calebowski

    I want to have a weekend long party with my friends downtown dancing to all the bands, but my top 3 is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Washed Out, and STRFKR.

  174. Julie McKnight

    I would be stoked to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flag, The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Breeders, Roky Erickson, the Melvins – and to discover some cool bands I’ve never heard before.
    Might as well pick me!

  175. clemente Espejo

    I’m exited to see CHELSEA WOLFE perform music from her new album. I am also looking forward to Yeah Yeah Yeahs & MGMT.
    You should give me a free pair of tickets because I’ve never seen YYY’s & MGMT perform live and it would be GREAT to close out the summer seeing them live at this awesome festival.

  176. Luis Loza

    Hey Grimy Goods! I really want to see a TON of bands at this year’s FYF Festival. I want to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because I love Karen O’s voice and I’ve missed their shows plenty of times this past summer. I also wanna see MGMT, The Breeders, Beach House, and Gold Panda! There are also a lot of bands that I’ve heard of, but never had the chance to experience their music live!

    I think I should win this free pair of weekend passes because this will literally be the last concert or festival I will be able to go to in LA. I am leaving to Haverford College (located in Pennsylvania) the 26th of August, and the FYF Fest is the weekend before I get on my flight to Pennsylvania.

  177. Zara Bloom

    I’m REALLY excited for the chance to see MBV, Solange, Simian, Kurt Vile, Beach house, Breeders, Deerhunter (VERY excited), TV on the Radio (EXTREMELY excited), and more and more.

    ** And** I think I should win because I’m not working right now and REALLY would love to go!! I just don’t have the money 🙁 I’m also leaving LA for a little while and think this would be an amazing send off.

  178. Alonso

    I want to see Poolside, Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Flag, Shlohmo, Nosaj Thing, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Underacheivers…. and on and on! I’ve been to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Rock The Bells, but never to FYF, and I live 5 blocks away. I gotta go to see what the future of LA festivals will be, and this one is it for sure!

  179. Zara Bloom

    I’m REALLY excited for the chance to see MBV, Solange, Simian, Kurt Vile, Beach house, Breeders, Deerhunter (VERY excited), TV on the Radio (EXTREMELY excited), and more and more.

  180. John Walsh

    Yo Grimy’s – I am a FYF fest virgin, so, needless to say, I gots to have it. Would love to rock with Flag, Breeders, Roky Erickson, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, YYY’s, Melvins, Les Savy Fav, Jonathan Richman, and so much more plus get turned on to a bunch of bands I’m unfamiliar with.

  181. Marcos Lopez

    I really want to see yeah yeah years, toro y moi, and MGMT! I want to get some weekend passes to take my friends and have a fun summer in the city! 🙂

  182. Brianna Sylvers

    Excited for a chance to see Beach House for the first time & MGMT, Thee Oh Sees, Toro Y Moi, so much good music, never been to FYF could seriously use a weekend drive down south to a beautiful end of Summer in SoCal.

  183. Christian Trokey

    I would love to see Kurt Vile, Baroness, Glasser & TV on the Radio just to name a few…

    And rumor has it they would love to see me too!

  184. Angelica Arroyo

    I wanna see yeah yeah yeahs, my bloody valentine, tv on the radio,mgmt, the breeders, toro y moi!!!! I want tickets because I’m poor!:/ thx:)

  185. Eric Mendoza

    I am excited to the witness the badass fierceness of Karen O. I want to sing along to TVOTR’s poetry set to syncopated rhythms. I want my ears to be sonically assaulted by Death Grips & MVB and then be caressed by Devendra Barnhart’s voice.I want the groovy soundwaves of Poolside & Washed Out to transport me to the beach even if by imagination alone. I want to get funky with !!! and holy ghost! I want to partake in the weirdness and greatness of Dan Deacon’s performance art live shows. I want to be entranced by Beach House & Glasser sonic landscapes. I want my ears to be seduced by the sexy robot sounds of Nosaj Thing and Shlomo. I want my spirit to soar with the screaming eagle of soul Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires. I want to dance like no one is watching to STRFCKR, Toro y Moi & Classixx. I want to experience MGMT live and let them become my drug of choice while they perform. I want Ty Seagall’s fuzz to explode in my ears. I want to be transported to the middle east with Omar Souleyman’s hypnotic dance songs.

    There are so many more things I could write about…the DTLA skyline serving as the backdrop for this great festival, the accessibility of park, the awesome vibe and the new memories and experiences that will be created this weekend.

    As you can see music is a visceral experience for me and I deserve to go to FYF because I am somebody who will enjoy this in a whole different level. Music is my religion and FYF would be a pilgrimage of sorts to me.

  186. nico

    well first off.. ANTWON, yeah yeah yeahs, death grips, HTDW, touche, flag, joyce manor, flume, deacon, shit everyone. i can’t even. I need to walk on heads and see all these amazing artists, u are my spirit animal guide me to the fyf underworld <3
    love u
    I also turn 21 in 2 weeks so PURRRFECT TIMING MEOW


  187. Alex Robinson-Salazar

    I most want to see Simian Mobile Disco with Bicep, MBV, and Holy Ghost!, but I want to see practically every other name on the lineup! Dan Deacon, Washed Out, and Shlohmo are other must-sees for me. I’m actually quite worried about conflicts if I end up going…

  188. daniel alvarez

    I want to go see yeah yeah yeahs, mgmt, toro y moi, STRFKR, beach house, washed out and be introduced to other bands i haven’t listen to. I should win because i want to party hard with my friends and get wasted. Thats what festivals are for! woo!

  189. Karen

    Hi FYF! I am so stoked for FYF this year because a few of my favorite artists are playing (lucky me) such as: Deerhunter, My Bloody Valentine, Solange, How to Dress Well, Yo La Tengo, Beach House… the list goes on!

    I’d like to win tickets since my funemployment and financial situation has prevented me from being the adventurous concert goer I once was.

    Keep up the great work!

    xo- Karen

  190. Rachel Gomez

    Because I’m a totally 80’s child I raised my kids on my New Wave music and favorite LA radio station. My oldest introduced me to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs about a year ago and I would love to take her to FYF to rock out to YYY and MGMT!!! Being a single mom I only had enough $ to buy what was needed, if I win the tickets the memory I will share with her will be priceless 🙂 thank you Grimy Goods for a chance to win!

  191. ERika Curry

    I am most excited to see Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Comedians, and Solange. I went to my FYF the first weekend I moved to LA 3 years ago. It brings such fond memories.

  192. VAO

    Yo Grimygoods~ I would love to see STRFKR, Shlohmo, Flume, Dan Deacon, Nosaj Thing, Delorean, How to Dress Well, and Antwon amongst MANY others! I was unable to catch Delorean at FYF 2010 because I was unable to go and I was super bummed out as they were my #1 band I would go to see. I saw Dan Deacon and Nosaj Thing at FYF 2011 and it was *pure* magic. I would love to see them again. But you can’t forget about the comedians as well~ I can’t wait for Doug Benson, Paul Scheer and Hampton Yount! I would love it if you guys hooked it up! <3 <3 <3

  193. arlyne

    Flume and Toro Y Moi would be the bands that I’d love to check out. It’s been hard for me to get tickets for the past 2 Flume shows because they always sell out before I ever get a chance to buy them.

    I wish both bands played the same day or I would have saved up and bought a single day ticket in a heartbeat. But, alas, they are not, so I’m just hoping for some sort of miracle: Like perhaps winning the lottery, or the good people @GrimyGoods helping a strapped-for-cash-girl who just got dumped by her bf (#LAgirlproblemz) and is now looking for a little distraction.

    That distraction hopefully being immersed in music that would be the equivalent of 537 orgasms–to my ears~

  194. Maddie Spears

    I would love to win these free tickets to FYF for several reasons! Personally I’m stoked to see MGMT, Devendra Banhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Yo La Tengo, and Holy Ghost! Also, my dad grew up in the 60s and is a huge fan of the 13th Floor Elevators, so he’s very excited to see Roky Erickson! We would both love to be given this opportunity 🙂

  195. Nicole Nitzan

    There are so many good bands on the line up this year, but a few that I am super stoked about are YYYs, Beach House, Toro y Moi, Holy Ghost!, and Kurt Vile and the Violators. I have been going to FYF sense it was just the Fuck Yeah Fest and it has been awesome to see the festival transform into what it is today. Unfortunately the 99$ ticket price was a little too rich for my blood this year, that is why I am really hoping you will hook me up with some passes. thanks!

  196. Maria Shockley

    The whole line up is killer, but I’d love to see joyce manor. I’ve been rocking out to them all summer so it’d be a dream to actually see them. Lemuria and MGMT would be kickass too.

  197. Christine Esquivel

    I’m excited for YYYs, Toro y Moi, TV on the Radio, Charles Bradley, Devandra Banhart, THEE OH SEES, and poolside 🙂 I was wanting to go this year but before I knew it the one day passes were sold out 🙁 I would really appreciate this experience right when my summer ends because I start school the following Monday haha. I want to end summer on a good note. Thanks Grimy Goods for this awesome opportunity! XD

  198. Victoria Otazo

    Hey Grimy Goods, I would love to see Beach House, YYYS, MGMT, The Breeders, and My Bloody Valentine the most for freeeeee!! You should give me the tickets because other people have a job they can probably afford to buy the tickets I don’t, I haven’t seen a concert since last summer, and I need an excuse to get out of the suburbs! (If I had a job I would buy a pair!) And because I always check out your posts for free giveaways!! 😀 <3

  199. upnthenuves

    I’m an LA blogger + I want to cover festival fashion. Bands I want to see include: The Melvin, Nosaj Thing, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Banhart… and a bunch of others!! <3 Pick ME!!!

  200. Roland

    The last 3 years I’ve been taking my GF to several indie rock shows through out LA. She has yet to attend a festival such as FYF or Coachella…she says it looks exhausting. I WANT TO EXHAUST HER. Would love to see Devendra, Yo La Tengo, Deerhunter, Clasixx, !!! and of course Karen O-YEAH YEAH YEAH.

  201. Kadrian Alvarenga

    alright, where to begin? Obviously, the top priority is going to be Washed Out. His new album Paracosm is perfect in every single way. It’s like listening to summer through a kaleidoscope with Instagram filters. he’s been getting so much better live, and I’m stoked to see the new stuff live.

    Second is going to be Toro y Moi just because he had one of the best albums of the year (and the best music videos too). He’s gets real funky live. These two guys alone are the epitome of a summer music festival.

    From there, it’s gotta be TV on the Radio, Classix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, and Poolside.

    Oh, and how could we forget Jonathan Richman? Everyone loves dancing in lesbian bars anyway.

  202. Erica Salcido

    I would love love love to experience FYF because I’ve never been and I absolutely love going to festivals and this would be great seeing good bands at LA historic park, I would love to experience the view of sunset at LA historic park while watching these great bands

  203. Kim Deal

    THE BREEDERS!!! Last Splash changed my life. After watching the Cannonball video (over and over…) I realized my love for Kim Deal. And a few months later I came out of the closet 🙂

  204. Carlos Gomez

    Being a fan of punctuation I of course am anxiously awaiting the performance of !!!! Everyone here will write how they are sooo into music and how their love of these bands should earn them the right to go. I will not do that. I will simply state that when it comes time to use the port-a-potties I will put myself on a strict 30-second time limit.

  205. Claire Hirashiki

    So I’m your classic broke college student who hasn’t gone to a music festival in ages.The line up for FYF this year is crazy and if I miss another year while living in LA…. I don’t know I’m going to do. I really want to see Devendra Banhart, Joyce Manor, Death Grips (hopefully they show unlike Lollapalooza), Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Crystal Antlers, Beach House, Yo La Tengo, Holy Ghost!, Flume, Poolside, Glasser, How to Dress Well, and of course the headliners. Help me Grimy Goods — you’re my only hope!

    *intentional Star Wars reference for mutual feeling of nostalgia and awesomeness

  206. Jeanna Ahrenholtz

    I would LOOOOVE to see yeah yeah yeahs! and MGMT! Holy Ghost and Washed out too omg this would make my summer I’ve heard so much about FYF!! so excited to see the results (:!

  207. Nick

    I’m most excited to see My Bloody Valentine and Beach House but at festivals I always find new bands that I wouldn’t normally see too. If I won tickets I would be able to take a friend that probably wouldn’t be able to go otherwise. Thanks!

  208. Joseph

    FYF would be amazing because I never thought I would be able to see the breeders (last splash lineup!) or my bloody valentine, ever, and I could see BOTH!!! not to mention yo la tengo, flag, washed out, nosaj thing, holy ghost, toro y moi, jonathan richman, kurt vile…….

  209. Carina

    I LOVE music festivals and haven’t had the chance to go to FYF Fest yet 🙁 If I went this year I would want to see TV On the Radio, Beach House, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Washed Out, and to discover some new bands that I haven’t listened to much. Mostly I would just appreciate the experience (:

  210. Tiffany Garcia

    I want tickets to FYF so that I can see Devendra, Beach House, DeerHunter, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other cool bands. It would make my summer even better.

  211. Harmony Allor

    Finally! An FYF not to be missed. Essential bands: FLAG (will Greg Ginn be there throwing rotten tomatoes? Serving subpoenas? We just don’t know! Also, Keith Morris. I mean.), Roky mufuckin Erickson (who isn’t obsessed with the psychedelic legend? Dude was BOUT THAT LIFE), Death Grips (Obsessed. If they don’t show up, I’m fully prepared to destroy their equipment like those kids did last Friday), The Locust (new wave synthy powerviolence! Costumes! Hello!), Breeders (not so much, but my Pixies loyalty is absolute and unwavering), Chelsea Wolfe (haven’t seen her yet, but my friends are obsessed. I trust their judgement.) Also, Simian Mobile Disco has decent remixes, but one of the best names ever, and Devendra Banhart chatted me up once at a bookstore, so I’m thinking he’s wondering if I’ll be there… What happens at FYF stays at FYF right??

  212. Brenda Salas

    I would love to see MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular performance, have a Date with the Night with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and get into some Trouble with Beach House.

  213. Nataly Godinez

    My mom promised me FYF tickets and she never came through so now I have to see all my friends go enjoy it while ill be at home that weekend. I literally want to see all the bands there i really can’t wait to see mgmt, title fight, yeah yeah yeahs, toro y moi and more.

  214. Patrick White

    I need tickets because all my favorite bands are in small type on the poster and I spent all my money on a Kickstarter for cricket flour brownies.

  215. Caroline Towkach

    I entered your contest for a chance to win the pair of tickets to FYF. I would love the opportunity to see Guards, Devendra Banhart, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

  216. hilda

    Haven’t been to FYF in two years and this year I can drink and I’m SINGLE! I wanna see Beach House, Black Flag, Ty Segall, STRFKR, Thee Oh Sees, The Orwells and let’s no forget The Breeders!!!

  217. Danny Louangxay

    I must see my bloody valentine!!! I never thought in my years on this earth would they be playing in my backyard!!! XD

  218. David de la Rosa

    I’m excited for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Toro Y Moi, Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep (This should be special), Dan Deacon, Horse Meat Disco, MY BLOODY VALENTINE (FOR REAL!) Solange, Washed Out, !!! (‘Cause I missed them at the El Rey) & Classix! I think I should win because last year was shitty. This year has been looking up big time. Finally working and I’ve met some awesome people to bring positive vibes back into my life. I COULD purchase these tickets, but who doesn’t like to save money? Would add to how great the year is turning out to be if I won these! My birthday is on the 12th. Would be a nice late birthday gift. Also, Grimy Goods rocks!

  219. Bernadette gonzales

    I would love to see the breeders performing last splash. I love the idea of bands performing an entire album. I was fortunate enough to see Kim perform Doolittle with the pixies a few years back. also exciting to be introduced to some new bands. thx.

  220. Alex Sanchez

    Toro y Moi is my all time favorite anything! Their sound is so original and see them would be the best summer ever!

  221. Francisco Flores

    Grimy Goods, I’m so exited that WHEN I win your contest I get to see so many good bands and don’t have to choose between going only one day or the other. I really really want to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and i believe that Saturday’s lineup is more eclectic and well rounded. but who would want to miss MGMT, !!!, Washed Out, and Beach House! I will see you guys there (as soon as you chose me to win the tickets!)

  222. Karla Borja

    I am looking forward to see TV on the Radio, SMD, Washed Out, Beach House, Toro y Moi, Nosaj thing, oh god and many more! Total music overload..

  223. Tiffany Luong

    I need to see Mikal Cronin, Mac DeMarco, and My Bloody Valentine all in one weekend please!

  224. Joya

    I’m excited to see MGMT and Solange! I’ve been to FYF two years in a row but this year I’m broke and would hate to miss out!

  225. Davin Singh

    I am so stoked on seeing DEATH GRIPS. I haven’t been to any of their shows but I hear shit gets wild and I’m in need of some wild shit in my life. Others are My Bloody Valentine (obviously), Devendra Banhart, Classixx, Starfucker, Simian Mobile Disco, Kurt Vile, Flume, Washed Out and, well, this is going to be a long list so let’s just say I want to go to this fucking thing. Hopefully you can reach down inside that warm (because youre so kind) and disease-free (because you’re so fit and healthy) heart and give me some sugah.

  226. Jess C

    Would loooooove to see the Breeders!! Deerhunter too but what memories I have attached to the Last Spash album! Agh!! ☺ ♫

  227. John Escobar

    I never thought I’d get to see My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter, Mgmt and The Breeders all in one weekend… Oh how wrong was I!!!!..

  228. Marcus Batto

    I can’t wait to see ty segall, mikal cronin, roky ericson, thee oh sees, the melvins, the locust, and death grips! i really hope to win these tickets FYF is thee best fest iv’e ever been to and the lineup this year is killer.

  229. Elle

    If I won the tickets I would be SO excited to see TV on the Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, two of my all-time favorite bands who I have yet to see in concert. I’d also love to see Toro Y Moi, The Breeders, Beach House, Washed Out, Devendra Banhart, Solange, Glasser, Foxygen, Flume & of course the bands I’m less familiar with since half the fun of festivals is getting to know music you otherwise might not have discovered. I should win because an overdue fix-it ticket & car registration totally sucked the fun out of my summer & these tickets would make my forced seclusion for the last two months totally worth it!

  230. Josie

    I’m excited to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Devendra Banhart, Simian Mobile Disco, My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo, !!!, Chelsea Wolfe….the list goes on and on. I would love to win tickets to fyf because my summer hasn’t included a lot of shows 🙁 due to the budgetary constraints of being a recent college grad. Please let me win these tickets!

  231. Wyatt Theobald

    FLAG because Black Flag at the observatory sucked, and i’ve heard nothing but good things with the original singer!! And Tv on the Radio because anyone with ears likes them!!

  232. Yamilet Escobar

    It would be so rad to see FLAG reunited again, Death Grips, Holy Ghost, How to Dress Well… I could go on. Overall its a sick lineup and I want a brutal pit. When do you see bands like this on a FYF bill? \m/

  233. Devin Letze

    TV on the Radio, cause how often do you get a chance to see them? We should get the passes cause by December, my wife and I will have our second child and our ability to attend weekend music festivals will be pretty restricted. It’s now or never!

  234. adrienne dellinger

    Wow…what a lineup. I would love to see TV on the Radio, !!!, Charles Bradley, and Classixxx…oh and who can refuse wanting to hear Last Splash in its entirety?

  235. valerie esquivel

    I want to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Oh Sees, Ty segall, toro y moi, !!!, poolside, and devendra banhart. I should win bc I’m a broke college student that doesnt have enough money to see these awesome bands :(.

  236. Sharon Esquivel

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Breeders, Toro Y Moi, MGMT, Washed Out, Poolside, The Melvins and Flag are the ones I’m the most stoked about seeing! And it’ll be my first FYF show if I win!

  237. Troy Platt

    I am really excited to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Flag, My Bloody Valentine, and Deerhunter. I would like the passes, because I had a lot of fun last year and I really can’t wait until this year!

  238. Christina Mejia

    I reallly want to see Devendra Banhart, Toro Y Moi, Classixx, Beach House, Simian Mobile Disco, Poolside, Flume, Washed out and ughhh MGMT, I really should win these tickets because I start school 2 weeks before the fest and it would be the best thing to end my summer vacation. Be nice yeah and give me the tickets, please :))

  239. butters

    I’m excited to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT! I should win the passes because I’ve never been and it would be my birthday weekend! It would make my birthday THE BEST EVER!

  240. Arin Shivarjoo

    I would love to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, TV on the radio, washed out, Holy Ghost!! I’ve never been to FYF and always heard its amazing. This would rock my world, twice.

  241. Yannick

    I want to go back to my favorite festival and close out the summer the right way to the tunes of TV on the Radio, !!!, Simian Mobile Disco (again woo) and Classixxx!

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