Have you ever been to the desert, like the ones in the movies? if not, do yourself a favor and get you some music from Terakaft. Set it at a nice relaxing volume and just close your eyes and let the music take you away. We were lucky enough to see this very unique desert rock and blues band live at the Bootleg Theatre last night, and their performance was outstanding. Terakaft (meaning “caravan” in Tamasheq) is a band born in the sands of the Sahara. Its members are a branch of the equally incredible band, Tinariwen with roots in Mali, a country known for its music.

During last night’s special performance, Terakaft played with two electric guitars in which every riff felt like crisp desert sand, a bass that added that extra punch to get your body moving, and with precise percussion that tied all the gorgeous elements together. We don’t exactly know how to dance to this music, but it sure had our feet grooving to their beat.

Photography:  Farah Sosa


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