I was a bit concerned when I arrived the El Rey for the Black Joe Lewis show on Thursday. I’m used to seeing people queued around the corner for show at the El Rey, but 15 minutes before they opened the doors, I was the only person in line. Never a good sign for the opening bands as there’s nothing worse for a band to see an empty dance floor once the curtain rise.
The night opened up with Austin based Think No Think. Despite the lack of bodies in the building, the three piece blazed their Sonic Youth-meets-The Seeds set as if playing to a packed house.

Next up was the super entertaining punk band, Radkey. Made up of three teenage brothers — Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon — the trio KILLED it with their face-paced Misfits/Death inspired songs. Drummer, Solomon held it down as bassist, Isaiah threw himself all over the stage and singer/guitarist, Dee ripped on guitar. This was an exciting band to watch and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them.

Now that the El Rey had filled up considerably, Black Joe Lewis hobbled on to thestage with the help of a crutch after an unknown leg and/or foot injury. He threw the crutch on the ground and took his place on a chair front-and-center. With their brand of blues/soul/funk/rock, the band had the crowd singing and dancing throughout their set. It definitely wasn’t the same high energy set we first saw Black Joe Lewis put on a few year ago at SXSW, but it was still a damn good rockin’ show.

Photography: ceethreedom


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