Watch the Ol’ Dirty Bastard Documentary, “Dirty: Platinum Edition”

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Life isn’t always fun and rap battles. In the case of the Ol’ Dirty Bastard documentary, Dirty: Platinum Edition — a legal battle between the ODB estate and NuHo Film Festival took center stage. The film, created by ODB’s cousin Stephon Turner aka Raison Allah and Zufilms Inc was set to premiere on November 15th with a screening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Unfortunately, it was stopped in its tracks by a cease and desist order from ODB’s estate – leaving ODB / Wu-Tang fans and media alike, caught in the middle of the conflict.

NuHo Films issued an apology to the screening attendees and despite the disappointment the attendees may have felt, this is a story with a happy ending. Per AllHipHop, a sponsor for the screening, post premiere debacle, the two parties came to an agreement after NuHo prescreened the documentary for the ODB estate.  The doc is now available to stream on the Nuho Film Festival website and for $5.99-9.99 it won’t break the bank. Perfect timing for all the ODB / WuTang / hip-hop fans out there — your holiday wish list is now complete. Happy holidays indeed!

Below you can watch the trailer for the Ol’ Dirty Bastard documentary, Dirty: Platinum Edition!

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