Top Emerging Los Angeles Bands to Keep an Eye on in 2014

While we said our goodbyes to our best albums and shows of 2013, we welcome the new music experiences that 2014 has in store for us. With a new year, comes new talent on the rise. What Los Angeles bands / artists will come-up in 2014? Who will make it “big” (whatever that means). While we won’t go as far as saying these bands will “blow up” in 2014, we will note the six L.A. bands below as the top emerging artists to keep an eye on in 2014. Some have already been touring with global headlining acts, while others just started playing local shows around L.A. and its surrounding cities. Expect some debut records, new full-lengths, and a lot of shows coming from our 2014 prospects below.

Take a look at part one of our selections for L.A.’s best emerging bands of 2014. We will post part two tomorrow! Stay tuned.


the moth and the flame photo

These Los Angeles newbies (formerly from Utah) just completed a successful European tour with Imagine Dragons and have also played some of LA’s best breaking underground venues such as the Echo and the Satellite, as well as some music festivals. Their six-song debut EP is a catchy mix of indie pop and down tempoed more mature and experimental numbers that feature the deep vocals of frontman (and guitarist) Brandon Robbins at his finest. Expect a full-length record from the Moth & the Flame very soon.
Click here for our photos from their show at Bootleg Bar.


Death Valley Girls photos

If you were to look up the word “rad” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a photo of Death Valley Girls. The band’s glorious, lo-fi sound incorporates healthy doses of distortion and fuzz, cool female vocals, and at times seems to channel the spirit of the Cramps or the Velvet Underground. No pretentious crap here, just a penchant for good ole rock ‘n’ roll. We presented a show with Death Valley Girls back in August and then they went on to open up for Best Coast at the Fonda Theatre in October. Oh, and did we mention their drummer is Patty Schemel, formerly of Hole? She kicks ass. Death Valley Girls have a show coming up at the Silverlake lounge on Feb. 28, a tape to be released via Burger Records this February, followed by their debut record which is set for release sometime this winter.
Click here for our photos from their show at the Roxy.


Jesus Sons band photo

We caught the tail end of these guys opening up for Diane Coffee and Those Darlins at the Echo, and then we check them out again at Harvard and Stone, and the dudes are pretty badass. And we’re not just saying that because we dig their love for vintage motorcycle culture, or because they all have Jesus-like long hair, nor because our friend Toastacia Boyd shot their sick videos (yes, that was a friendly plug) — but these guys just straight up shred that gritty rock ‘n’ roll heavy on the blues and garage vibes that will spiral you back to the late 60s. Their whiskey soaked tunes are full of “shady characters” and coated in moto grime sure to get stuck in your head. Jesus Sons’ debut album arrives January 28 via Mock Records. We’ve been listening to our advance non-stop! Jesus Sons will perform this Wednesday, Jan. 8 at El Cid, as well as premiere their new videos.


De Lux band photo

Just about every band these days adds some sort of “post” genre to their “about me” sections, reviving some genre for from the past. While some bands suck at such revivals, there are a few gems that do it quite well. L.A.’s latest electronic duo De Lux exude all things 80s new wave disco. At just the ripe age of 22, the budding multi-instrumentalists Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco decided to spend less time perfecting kickflips, and more time crafting unique sounds and enticing vocals. If you dig the buoyant beats of the Faint, !!! (chk chk chk), and Poolside — you’ll definitely love De Lux. You can catch De Lux live at the Echo this Thursday, Jan. 9.


black ryder photos

We been lovin’ and crushin’ on the Black Ryder since we fist caught their L.A. debut at the Echo in 2011. Based in Los Angeles by way of Australia, the enticing shoegaze duo composed of Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper create alluring textured layers of psychedelic melodies and buzzing guitars that immediately call for your attention. Clad in black and leather, the Black Ryder are a stylish band and have quite the powerful stage presence. The band has toured with the Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cult, The Raveonettes, and more great acts. In 2012, Nash married the Cult’s Ian Astbury. The Black Ryder are putting the finish touches on their sophomore album and anticipate a release in 2014.
Click here to view our photos from their recent show with the Black Angels.


lo-fang photo

Classically trained in violin, cello, bass, piano and guitar — the talented producer and soulful falsetto singer, Lo-Fang (aka Matthew Hemerlein) is making some big moves in 2013. L.A. got high off the buzz from Lo-Fang’s It’s A School Night show in November as well as his Echo performance in December (he also just performed at FOMO Fest at the Echoplex). With his gorgeous sounds and emotive songwriting, even Lorde has favored Lo-Fang — so much that she has scooped him up as support for her upcoming tour. On February 25, Lo-Fang will release his debut album, Blue Film via 4AD .


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