With her opening GRAMMY’S performance, Beyonce already won the fashion game. Her gothic black leotard with polka dot tights was one of the more simple stage outfits I’ve ever seen the diva perform in. It was sleek, fierce and totally sexy. But the fashion icon really took the gold with that gorgeous Michael Costello dress. She looked like a goddess. That dress was pure elegance with a “bootylicious” flair. From front-to-back, Beyonce’s dress hugged her curves as though it were her skin.

A few other ladies we thought were the best dressed at the GRAMMYS were Christine Teigen, Zendaya Coleman, Pink, Madonna and more. Scroll down to view our selections for best dressed women at the GRAMMYS.

Who were your favorites?

beyonce grammy awards white dress Michael Costello
Beyonce definitley topped the fashion lists at this year’s GRAMMY awards. That Michael Costello dress is absolutely stunning on her body.

beyonce grammy awards white dress photos
Yep! The backside is just as gorgeous.

christine-teigen-grammys 2014 best dressed
This dress blew me away. Elegant, yet it stands out like a disco ball. I had to Google “who is Christine Teigen.” Apparently she’s some model (duh).

zendaya-coleman-grammys 2014 best dressed
I don’t even know who Zendaya Coleman is, but this outfit is totally cute and outside of the formal GRAMMY norm and it totally works. Classic 50s baby blue.

pink-grammys 2014 best dressed
Pink’s a little boxy, but her red dress is BEAUTIFUL! She wears it well, but imagine how it would look on Salma Hayek or Beyonce.

madonna-grammys 2014 best dressed
Madonna and her adorable son are quite the stylish blend of American Horror Story Coven and Charlie Chaplin. Love it!

taylor-swift-grammys 2014 best dressed
Unlike her stiff white-girl-dance to Kendrick Lamar’s GRAMMY performance, Taylor Swift is flowing with golden glamour in this old Hollywood-style dress.

beyonce jay z grammys 2014 best dressed
Beyonce dropped our jaws in her opening GRAMMY performance with hubby, Jay Z. Her black gothic leotard is classic yet fierce and looks too cute with those tights.

alicia-keys-grammys 2014 best dressed
That royal blue is just loving Alicia’s curves, sexy and classy all in the same look.

amber rose grammys best dressed
Yet another old Hollywood golden look. Amber Rose’s curves are like a gold rush. That’s a whole lotta women for lil Wiz Khalifa.

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