Hot Band Alert: September Girls — a sweet Irish treat to the noise pop genre

September Girls

Deriving their band name from The Bangles’ popular single, the noise pop quintet, September Girls, will be debuting their album in U.S. music stores on Tuesday, March 11 (that’s today). Emerging from Dublin, these girls formed in — you guessed correctly — September 2011, performing their first show just two months later. The band is comprised of Paula Cullen (vocals/lead bass), Caoimne Kerchner (vocals/keys), Jessie Ward (vocals/red guitar), and Sarah Grimes (drums).

The album itself echoes in the likes of Vivian Girls and the Dum Dum Girls‘ use of reverb, punchy drums, and catchy hooks. Throughout their debut album, Cursing the Sea, the band’s vocals are diminished behind all of the layered reverb but that’s what makes these girls fierce. September Girls are a sweet Irish treat to the noise pop genre.

Why We Dig Them:  Besides being featured in magazines such as Stellar and NYLON as one of 2014’s Bands to Watch, four of the five band members sing AND write songs. The more the merrier!

Best Songs:

Another Love Song” – The droning guitar hook present at the beginning of the song unravels into a story about a selfish jerk who’s lies make one feel worthless, and deprived of love and intimacy. The last line reads “I’ll never write you another love song.” Damn right!

Left Behind” – The angelic and melodic vocals that September Girls present on this track thrive from the beginning, middle, and end. Without the heavy load of reverb on the vocals and menacing guitars, this song would not have been what it is.

Heartbeats” – The groovy surf guitar at the start of the track is perfect for getting us even more pumped for the album. For the guy out there that served as an inspiration for this song, just stop calling her baby. Can’t you see that she has already been hurt enough?

Sister” – As the closing track for the album, this song is a great reminiscent tune to Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It leaves us in a perfectly eerie trance.

Three Words to Describe September Girls: Reverbating — Noisey — Gothic

Interesting Tidbit: The cover art for the album was shot by photographer Jeannie O-Brien, on a beach in North Dublin late one summer evening.

Upcoming Shows:

Mar. 11 – 16     SXSW – Austin, TX
Apr. 18             Wales Goes Pop Fest  – Cardiff, Wales
Apr. 19             Hoxton Bar & Kitchen – London
May 8               Great Escape – Brighton

September Girls’ debut album, Cursing the Sea, will be released on Tuesday, March 11 via Fortuna Pop! Records.

Words: Brissa Sanchez

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