The Replacements get by with a little help from their friend


Unfortunately, I missed the first 25 minutes of The Replacements because of the Grilled Cheese Truck booth that I made the mistake of stopping at to eat on Friday. I ordered a grilled cheese and waited 20 minutes for them to make it as there were at least two dozen people still waiting for their orders in front of me. Amazing given that a grilled cheese sandwich should only take 1.5 minutes TOPS to make and it was pretty much all they served. But I digress.

Minnesota punk rock pioneers The Replacements delivered a memorable set that also saw them get some assistance from Green Day vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, who often cites The Replacements as a huge influence on his band.

One song that was a glaring obmission from their weekend one set was “I Will Dare”, and the band played a crowd appeasing rendition of the song Friday night long after the sun had set in the desert. They had a solid if not spectacular turnout proving that some times, there is a third option rather than to just burn out or fade away.

Check out more photos of the replacements at Coachella 2014!

Video of Paul couch-shredding.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

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