Video: Obsessed fan knocks Morrissey over at San Jose concert

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It looks like some idiotic and obsessed fan knocked Morrissey over last night at the San Jose City National Civic theater. Considering this was the opening night of Morrissey’s North American tour, let’s hope Mr. pissy pants doesn’t cancel his tour early since we all know he’s notorious for doing so, not to mention, the great Moz is getting older.

I still think it’s silly that these overly obsessed Morrissey fans always feel the need to rush the stage at all his encores just so they can get a touch or snuggle of the Moz. I mean, don’t these people feel immature and stupid doing so? They’re acting like 10-year-old crazed One Direction fans. If the hordes of lamers who take part in rushing the stage at a Morrissey concert don’t feel a wee bit dorky about their actions, one guy from last night’s show is surely feeling like a moron today. Watch the video below.

If you’re headed to see Morrissey tonight at the Observatory or on Saturday at the L.A. Sports Arena (with TOM JONES), please don’t be a lame fan and knock this charming man over.

“What happened to Morrissey, is he dead?”

On the bright side, Morrissey managed to play three new songs before getting pummeled and ending the show. Have a listen to his new song, “World Peace Is None of Your Business” below.

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