Jessica Lea Mayfield sparkles with a stunning performance at The Roxy

This past Friday, it came as no surprise to locals at the classic Sunset Boulevard club, The Roxy when Jessica Lea Mayfield entered and resurrected rock n’ roll spirits of the 80s and 90s from the compact room. Mayfield, a young singer-songwriter from Kent, OH, brought a slew of satisfying tunes to Los Angeles that tickle any rock sub-genre’s fancy, from punk to alternative to shoegaze to grunge. Over the years she has been compared to legends as massive as Joan Jett or Kurt Cobain, and her live performance is first-hand proof of why.

Literally covered in glitter from head to toe, from her glittery makeup to her sparkling glitter Dr. Martens boots, she strummed away at the irresistibly catchy tunes from her latest release, 2014’s Make My Head Sing among other fan favorites from her early work, such as her debut album With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, which she released at just 18 years of age with production by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. Her rich experience in music was evident in her ability to connect with the audience through her heavily emotional music, which also translated through her minimal backing band, featuring husband Jesse Newport on bass. Overall, Mayfield relies on no gimmicks, frills, or visual aids to execute an unforgettable live performance—just a microphone and her guitar—and her talent is simply refreshing.

Show Review: Jamie Lawlor

Photography: Michelle Borreggine

jessica lea mayfield photos

Jessica Lea Mayfield photos

Jessica Lea Mayfield photos

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Jessica Lea Mayfield

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