Video Premiere: Watch Jesus Sons’ new video for “Better Times”

jesus sons

Jesus Sons bring their 70s whiskey rock to life with their new video for “Better Times.” Continuing with their throwback spirit, the video appears to be shot on film with a fisheye lens giving off a psychedelic mind-bending vibe.

Filmed, edited, and directed by Olivia Jaffe, the video has that black and white silent film-feel due in part to the awesome iris vignette around the footage, as well as the distinctive shots which remind us of those weird yet totally interesting classic films (“Nosferatu”, “A Trip To The Moon”, etc). Speaking of trips — it looks like Jesus Sons are on some sort of epic trip throughout the video. And we’re not just talking about a journey through a tunnel that takes them through some desert mountain adventures of shotgunning beers, rolling old tires and chowing down on chicken wings. It looks like the boys ate some magical treats that might have enhanced their “Better Times” journey. Watch the video for yourself below!

“Better Times” comes from Jesus Sons new “Better Times” 7″ off Mock Records with also features the song “This Ain’t Livin.'” Keeping it old school, Jesus Sons recorded the tracks to a tascam 388 on 1/4″ tape in a garage. You can order the vinyl in basic black or swamp green. They’ve already sold-out in the smoked colored vinyl!

Watch Jesus Sons’ new video for “Better Times”

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