The 20 Hottest Men in Indie Music (and then some)


Alejandro Rose-Garcia (Shakey Graves)


shakey graves


This Texan knows how to work the ladies into an absolute frenzy with the physicality of his one-man-band. Standing on stage, sweating and singing his heart out with that cowboy hat slightly askew, body hugging jeans and a white tank, all we can say is, “yum.”


Matthew Jordan Hemerlein (aka Lo Fang)


lo fang

Upon first glance, you may think you’re looking at a male model, but Hemerlein is actually a very talented producer and soulful falsetto singer. With a thick wild mane, high model-like cheekbones and a slim and fit physique, Lo Fang will indeed make your heart melt with his gorgeous music, but you’ll also be crushing over his handsome looks and those bedroom eyes. Check out our previous Man Crush Monday feature.


Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (aka Common)


common rapper

Coming into the light with none other than “The Light”, Chicago rapper Common won the hearts of many women with his adoring song off his 2000 release Like Water for Chocolate. The man has style, intelligence, and an alluring voice you just want whispering sweet nothings to in your ear all night long.


Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro)


biffy clyro

As the wild frontman of the Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, Simon Neil always performs with his shirt off showing off his tight body covered in tattoos. Aside from his appearance that makes some ladies foam at the mouth, the rockers has that sexy Scottish accent. Mmmmm hmmmm … Check out our previous Man Crush Monday feature.


Paolo Nutini



That face, that hair, that voice, did we mention that hair? Paulo is a beauty to behold for the ears and the eyes. Combining those boyish features with the gruff of a rugged man, Paolo is a sexy man we all need more of in our lives.


Jonathan Pierce (The Drums)


the drums

Yes, we know that Johnny doesn’t bat for our (ladies) team, but the looks of his baby-boy-face still get us titillated. Tall, lean and busting out sleek emotive dance moves earn him a spot on our hottie list.


Oliver Sim (The xx)


oliver sim the xx

Only 24 with a handsome baby-face, the co-frontman of The xx gets panties wet with that soft spoken voice of his. Pair that with his English accent, his sexy bass strut, and the fact that he is a tall-drink-of-water and you have yourself a very nice package that you just want to climb all over.


Father John Misty (aka J Tillman)


father john misty

He’s weird, he’s funny, he’s honest, and sometimes he makes you want to go to church, only because he looks like Jesus with that sexy beard, long hair and all. This Baltimore native is so fucking hot, and when he sings, he becomes smoldering hot.


Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)



With his raging guitar playing and powerful voice, he’s giving small skinny boys everywhere a sexy rep. Not to mention those bad boy leather jackets and motorcycle boots, Alex Turner, is definitely a bad boy you would be proud to bring home to meet Mom and Dad.


Butch Walker


Just Announced- Butch Walker at Bootleg Theater – Sept 17

L.A.’s very own tattooed-vintage-motorcycling-rocker with a small town heart of gold. Originally from Georgia, Walker still has that Southern gentleman appeal fashioned under that stylish California facade. When you hear him sing and watch him move on stage, you just can’t help but melt.

Did we miss your band crush? Tell us who and we’ll be sure to catch him at his next live show and see if our crush-o-meter goes off.

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