Wolf Alice at the Bardot in Hollywood, Ca, Photos by Wes Marsala

It was an extremely packed house at Bardot in Hollywood this past Monday night, as fans gathered for the weekly free indie music series “It’s A School Night”. The band was Wolf Alice and they came from the UK to have their first debut in Los Angeles. Squeezed in like sardines in a can, I was stuck at the soundboard of the makeshift venue (which is actually just a bar) and was able to take some photos, not the most flattering of photos I admit, but it really was the only spot to get a clear shot.

After a couple of songs and getting tired of people walking past me and bumping me all over the place as if I was a bumper in a pinball machine, I decided to try my luck and scout another spot, well it was much to my demise and I was stuck behind the stairs and I couldn’t see shit. The only senses that I could lend to this band were my ears. And you know what, Wolf Alice absolutely fuckin’ rocked.

Wolf Alice

I did not need to see a performance, just getting lost in the words, the rhythm and frontwoman Ellie Rowsell’s voice was all I needed. This is a great bad that I can see going far. And judging by the crowd, I wasn’t the only one who thought this. After each song the crowd howled with glee, dawning nothing but Colgate smiles. It was clear that¬†audience was fully enthralled during Wolf Alice’s entire performance.

Thankfully, just a day after this show, Wolf Alice announced a headlining Los Angeles performance at a venue that is made for live music. Wolf Alice will headline the Bootleg HiFi on Saturday, March 14. Get your tickets quick because they will sell out.

Words & Photos: Wes Marsala

Wolf Alice at the Bardot, Hollywood, Ca, photos by Wes Marsala

Wolf Alice at the Bardot, Hollywood, Ca, photos by Wes Marsala

Moaning Lisa Smile
90 Mile Beach
You’re a Germ
Giant Peach


Watch Wolf Alice’s video for “Moaning Lisa Smile”