Valentine’s Day is upon us, dun dun dun, and you just may be looking for the perfect date. Whether you’re trying to impress your longtime significant other, new crush, or your damn sexy self, we’ve got a couple suggestions on shaking things up a little this year. In addition to your usual dinner and drinks routine (and that’s for you lucky bastards who have actually scored a reservation at some delicious as fuck, overpriced restaurant here in La-la-land) add a little somethin’ extra to your Valentine’s Day to make it special.

Words: Emily Saex

1. Take A Superhero Selfie

Batcave Griffith
Photo by Colleen Greene of

The Observatory at Griffith Park is one of the biggest and best attractions in Los Angeles. Day or night, the view is gorgeous and couples, families, and friends alike flock to the popular hot spot to take photos and enjoy the view. It’s the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re trying to save some money and sneak a romantic smooch from such great heights. However, we suggest you step up your Griffith Park game and head over to the Bronson Caves aka the Batman Caves. The Bronson Caves have been a popular site for film and television, including the classic Batman TV series, not to mention you can score a breathtaking view of the Hollywood sign from the trail as well. Snap some sweet selfies and your SO will certainly see you as a superhero in their eyes. Cape optional.


2. Lucha Va Voom!


Lucha Va Voom! celebrates all things “Dangerous/Beautiful” this year with two back-to-back nights of adrenaline pumping Mexican masked wrestling and an array of glamorous burlesque dancers and aerialists – Lucha Va Voom! has fiery passion and fun written all over it! Comedians Ron Funches (Undateable, @Midnight) and Blaine Capatch (@Midnight, Tulsa Skull Swingers) co-host, which means every second that you’re not sitting there with your jaw-dropped in awe, you will be rolling in laughter. And no matter which wrestler wins at this year’s ultimate spectator event, you and your honey will be winning at Valentine’s Day. Get Tickets!


3. Make Sweet Music Together

Bedrock LA 60s themed room

The gift of music is one of the best things you could possibly get anyone for any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In addition to to our 17 Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, all ye music lovers and musicians can turn it up a notch by booking some rehearsal time and getting creative with the one(s) you love. Bedrock LA in Echo Park is a prime spot where you can choose from a variety of themed rehearsal rooms – from ’60s psychedelic to horror to ’80s basement to a stylish Echo Park hub,and  there’s no doubt the creative juices will flow. Check out their website for gear and rates, then grab your friends and lovers and jam on! Follow that up with some classic pinball arcade games from Pins & Needles or check out Bedrock and the Ace DTLA’s Mardi Gras Masquerade party, the following Tuesday, February 17th.


4. Shoot ‘Em Up

L.A. Gun Club Photo

I’ve had several friends confirm spectacular Valentine’s Day dates that they’ve had going to the shooting range. Perhaps it’s the hyper focused attention and skill that shooting requires, the concentrated adrenaline rush of hitting your targets or maybe it’s simply the feeling of holding onto a heavy phallic object, that seems to do the trick. Whatever it is, perhaps it’s time to give a night out at the L.A. Gun Club‘s indoor firing range a shot (pun intended). Plus nothing says romance like shooting some zombies.


5. Get Your Ghost On

Patrick Swayze Ghost Still

Pottery is sexy. Don’t believe me? Flashback to Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s epic pottery porn scene in the 1990 romance/crime thriller feature film Ghost. Aww yeah, it’s time to get messy and creative with clay this Valentine’s Day. We recommend scheduling a class or membership at the Hand of Destiny Ceramic Studio in Koreatown. Mixed media artist and owner Destiny Joy has been throwing clay since the ’80s and specializes in teaching both adults and children. Save the shirtless make out for after you get home though.



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