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Viva! Pomona is back for its fourth year and is taking over the arts district in Pomona this weekend, July 18-19, 2015. The two-day festival will feature a fresh roster of well-known and up-and-coming independent artists shredding their tunes across three stages at The Glass House and the areas around it. There will be two outdoor stages, and one indoor stage inside of The Glass House. Performing at this year’s Viva! Pomona are: The Spits, La Sera, Iceage, Christopher Ownes, Las Robertas, Froth, The Two Tens, Jesus Sons, Gooch Palms and a lot more bands representing different genres.

We chatted with Viva! Pomona festival organizer, Rene Contreras about the music and the festival as a whole. He gave us five solid reasons as to why you should attend this year’s Viva! Pomona. Check them out below!


5 Reasons You Need to Attend Viva! Pomona!

1. A Multitude of Diversity — People should come to Viva! Pomona because we created a diverse line up that showcases emerging artist from with in the local communities in Southern California, touring bands from the United States and international bands. All the bands come from different cultural backgrounds making them sound different from each other. The music in this festival showcases punk, indie, garage, hip-hop, hardcore, folk, indie-latin, electronic and pop music. This creates a very awesome environment where not all bands sound the same.

It also gives bands an opportunity to perform with each other despite the boundaries pop culture and the music industry has set upon how shows should be booked. This show is allowing a handful of relevant bands from Latin American countries perform with relevant bands from Europe and United States, it’s beautiful. Music should not have any flags or borders.

2. Step Outside The LA Box — Viva! is not in Los Angeles proper. People should step outside the big city and enjoy the smaller towns like Pomona that make Los Angeles the cool city that it is. When people step outside the box they tend to discover things they usually didn’t know existed like the Pomona’s art colony, restaurants, amazing record stores, architecture, historical sites … the list goes on.

3. Glass House Record Store — Check out the selection the Glass House Record Store has which is located in the downtown section of Pomona. The curator for the store, Alex Rodriguez travels the country avidly looking for crazy rare records to bring to Pomona. Not a lot of people know about this store or the cray selection it has.

4. Affordable for All — Viva! Pomona is very affordable being only $20.00 and it’s all ages meaning anyone could come. You could bring your aunt, lover, grandma, neighbor, child, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend … the list goes on.

5. Viva! Pomona is more than just a show with music — Along with friends we are creatively building stuff out of cardboard, lost shoes, zines, bed sheets and anything we could find that is recyclable. We also have neat architectural projects that you could only see at Viva! Pomona. Oh! And mural that is about eight feet tall that we built in our backyard. Seeing these creative and unique projects are also worth the $20.

Tickets to Viva! Pomona are priced at $20 each day, and the event is all-ages. Grab your tickets here, and we’ll see you in Pomona!



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