6 early afternoon MUST SEE acts at Outside Lands

Natalie Prass
Natalie Prass

Outside Lands music festival is making its way to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco this upcoming weekend, August 7-9, and Grimy Goods is headed out! While this year’s Outside Lands lineup boasts a variety of acts—some mainstream and some off the beaten track—you can’t go wrong with your selections; however, you should include some acts you might have never heard of before. Part of experiencing a music festival is discovering new music. Get out of your comfort zone and open those ears to something new! Below are six early afternoon MUST SEE acts you need see at Outside Lands!

Feature by Anne-Marie Schiefer 

1. Natalie Prass
A sweet songbird that is both understated and completely mesmerizing at the same time. She has a sing-song quality to her music that is sweet while hitting with hard lyrics of independence and feminine strength. She’s a singer/songwriter that has caught the attention of tastemakers and musicians. Earlier this year while on tour with Ryan Adams her flight was canceled so Adams put on a dress and called himself “Natalie Sass” while he performed a few of her songs before his own set. If Ryan Adams has her endorsement then nothing more needs to be said. We’re excited to hear and see this bird fly.

Friay, Aug. 7 — Sutro stage, 12:00pm


2. Leon Bridges
If you haven’t heard the throwback sounds of Mr. Leon Bridges then prepare to have your socks charmed off. His music is silky smooth and reminiscent of the R&B greats like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. He has taken the indie scene by storm this year with a debut album that’s burning up like a wildfire and a tour that has been selling out coast to coast. We’re excited to see for ourselves the soulful workings of the young Bridges.

Friday, Aug. 7 — Sutro stage, 2:25pm



3. Strand of Oaks
A masterful blend of rock and folk that radiates authenticity in every note is the best way to sum up the music of Stand of Oaks. Singer/songwriter Tim Showalter has created a collection of heart wrenching and reflective songs that were born out of the hard parts of life. Seeing the translation from album to stage of this heartfelt music will surely be nothing less than stunning.

Friday, Aug. 7 — Sutro stage, 1:10pm


4. Hurray for the Riff Raff
These days everyone wants to categorize a musician or band into a particular genre. It seems nearly impossible to do that with the myriad of influences that press themselves in upon a musical creation. Hurray for the Riff Raff is a collection of a little bit of everything…folk, americana, bluegrass, rock, punk, jazz, blues and country. But mostly they are a group of musicians playing a sound that is unapologetically theirs. Grungy, raw and toe tapping they turn every show into a sort of punk barn dance. We can’t wait to see how they light the early hours of day 2 up.

Saturday, Aug. 8 — Sutro stage, 12:20pm


5. Fantastic Negrito
When NPR called for submissions from musicians to play a Tiny Desk concert they were inundated with thousands upon thousands of “try-out” videos. One stood out above the rest and won the coveted Tiny Desk Concert; it was Fantastic Negrito. We, along with the rest of the world, watched as he roared with his powerful voice breaking into our musical hearts. Beyond excited to see Negrito out of the tiny desk and onto the big stage.

Saturday, Aug. 8 — Panhandle stage, 2:55pm


6. Shakey Graves
Already a favorite of Grimy Goods for a few years now, Shakey Graves keeps impressing us with the way that he has grown from one-man-band to FRONT man while maintaining his 150% commitment to the music. He plays his rocky blues using a suitcase kick drum and then is stage diving before you know it. He’s the perfect blend of rock and country blues.

Sunday, Aug. 9 — Lands End stage, 12:20pm


You can view the entire Outside Lands schedule here. Enjoy the music and we’ll see you in Golden Gate Park!


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