Cassandra Violet

She’s a high school teacher by day, and a blooming songstress by night. Los Angele-based singer-songwriter, Cassandra Violet has just revealed her gorgeous new single “Lady.” With her siren-like vocals, Violet pulls you in with an enchanting voice that takes you on a journey through rising mountains and subdued valleys. “Lady” has a story-like appeal where Violet’s bewitching vocals turn the pages of her story revealing something beautifully delicate while possessing eminent strength. In the likes of Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks, Violet has her own signature folk sound. Fusing elements of classic folk with shoegaze and pop, Violet’s style and delivery leaves a lasting effect. Her new single “Lady” is effervescent with life and her most mature work yet.

When we first discovered Violet in April of 2014, we were instantly charmed by her magnetic voice heard throughout her Beyond the Fray EP. In a couple months Violet will release here new EP Body & Mind. If “Lady” is any inclination of what we can expect from her forthcoming EP—Cassandra Violet is due to deliver something great, that wil turn the heads of many.

In celebration of her new single “Lady,” Cassandra Violet has a show date scheduled at The Satellite on Tuesday, August 11. The show is free and highly recommended. Additionally, Cassandra Violet is scheduled to perform on Saturday, August 15 at Echo Park Rising.

Listen to Cassandra Violet’s new single “Lady”





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