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Did you miss Grimes at The Mayan or at Beach Goth? Don’t worry, Grimy Goods got choo! The multi-faceted Grimes is set to headline the Shrine Expo Hall on April 21st as part of Coachella’s annual series of side-shows. The show has been titled as Grimes presents “March of the Pugs” and will also feature Christine and the Queens and Tei Shi. It’s going to be an incredible night with three performance by some very unique and talented women.

Tickets to Grimes at Shrine Expo Hall are priced at $25-$35 and the show is all-ages. You can purchase your tickets here or take a stab at winning a pair with Grimy Goods.


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37 thoughts on “Win tickets to Grimes at Shrine Expo Hall



  2. Lennon Lara

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw her at Make Music Pasadena. She played near a parking structure that was overflowing with people. At that time I wasn’t a huge fan, but there was an energy in the air that was overpowering combined with sharing this experience with my 4 best friends was magical. From that moment forward I was hooked!

  3. Alan Cruz

    I’m a fan of Grimes because the latest record consolidated her as a true artist in the whole sense of the word. Not only does she record and produce her own music, she even designs all the artwork. When it comes to live shows, she puts in the effort of creating a visual performance to each of her songs. Been a fan for a few years and would love to see her live!

    PS. Artangels is the soundtrack to my daily routine.

  4. Carlos Ibarra

    She’s my favorite surreal yuppie, urban faery and herbivore. Plus Art Angels was just ???? would love to be able to hear it live.

  5. Jerwin Monje

    It would be SUCH an honor to see Grimes. I love listening to her music everywhere I go and I think hearing her live would make it even better. She’s breaking down SO many barriers in pop and social culture. She’s not conforming to the “norm” and that is what I love. She’s doing her own thing, and her thing is AMAZING!!!

  6. Meredith Rivas

    Grimes is just so damn cool and I can’t imagine how fun seeing her live would be! She’s got the ultimate fun, feel-good, dancing around without a care in the world music out there. I’ve been a fan for years and I love that she continues to expand her sound and try different things while still being 100% real to herself. I would be beyond excited to win tickets to this show!!

  7. Shelbi heath

    Been a fan of Grimes for a few years now. Always missed the chance to see her due to schedule conflicts at work. Even missed her at Make Music Pasadena a few years back because my then boyfriend at the time decided it was ideal to ditch/break up with me at the festival. So winning these tickets, I would take my best friend and know nothing would go wrong this time and I’d actually be able to enjoy Grimes full set. 🙂

  8. Candice Montoya

    Grimes is such an inspiration to me. The music she writes, produces, performs, even the album artwork is just phenomenal. She is an artist I’ll listen to to get me through both good and bad days. And the opportunity to see her live would just be an amazing experience.

  9. Dylan Kirk

    I’ve been a huge fan of Bjork for years and years. When I first discovered Grimes, I felt like I had found another artist of that exemplifies Bjork’s beautiful ethos. She blends art, fashion and music seamlessly and has created a world that is uniquely her own. Not to mention that her shows are a dance party! Would absolutely LOVE to go to the Shrine with my Lady and celebrate everthing that is Grimes… Much Love and thanks for the chance to score tickets!

  10. Edith Ferro

    I love Grimes she’s so cute and her voice/instrumentals are amazing!! She’s so great live but I’ve never seen her on her own tour it’s always been at festivals. So I would really love the opportunity to see her at the shrine! A small intimate show would make me feel like butterflies in the sky?

  11. Lorena Arreola

    I love good ol’ grimey & the fact she writes & produces her music, does the album art, and directs her own music videos. She’s a creative genius; it would be an honor to bask — but mostly DANCE– in her magical presence for a night. “circumambient” is my shit!

  12. Anthony Barrientos

    There are a lot of reasons why I am a big fan of Grimes. First, What I like about her is her creativity. Unlike some “artists” she writes and produces her albums all on her own. I’ve been a fan of Grimes since Visions came out. What attracted me to her music is her voice. It’s unique and somehow calming. When I’m stressed out or about to have an attack, I play Grimes to chill out and it works ! I really love her new album Art Angels. I bought it the day it was released and I have been listening to it nonstop ever since. It wasn’t easy for her to make that album because the industry thought she couldn’t produce her music on her own because she is a woman. So she stood up for herself and won. That’s what made me appreciate her new album Art Angels even more. And in this tour, she is going to play my favorite songs from Art Angels. I really hope I get to hear it live. The other reason why I love Grimes us because she has. great taste in music. She said she is a fan of Skinny Puppy and Trent Reznor. That makes her even more badass. The name of the event “March Of The Pugs” is a clever reference to a Nine Inch Nail’s song “March Of The Pigs”. If I win this, I would be grateful to get the chance to finally see Grimes perform. Not only I would get the chance see Grimes but also the opening bands like Christine And The Queens. My favorite album of hers is Mac Abbey. My favorite songs from that album is Drifter and Cripple. I really hope I win these tickets to see her ! 😀

  13. Regan Wojick

    I would love to see Grimes at the Shrine because i believe she’s doing so much for not only women in the industry, but the industry as a whole! She’s breaking down barriers and expectations of what a “popular” artist has to look like or sound like. Both of her albums have been played again and again, and they never get old to me. Hope I win because she’s one of my favorites!

  14. Aaron Hasson

    First saw Grimes at Coachella in 2013. Would love for another chance to see her. Should be an awesome show.

  15. Megan

    Grimes is doing so many innovative things in music. Firstly, it is incredible that a woman broke through the industry so quickly and I find that quite an inspiration. Second, her music is very unique and different. It would be great to see her live!

  16. Alan Cruz

    I would love to be able to see Grimes in April! Been a fan for years now and every time she has been in LA I either can’t be there or it sells out before I even have a chance to buy tickets. Her latest record Art Angels is one of the bests albums of 2015. Anyways, I hope I can score these tickets and finally see her.

    PS. I’m so stoked that Christine is opening she is amazing!

  17. gilbert salas

    I’ve been a fan of Grimes for years and have never had the chance to see live.

    This show sounds great and i heard she’s really good live.

  18. Cassie Thompson

    I actually DID miss Grimes at Beach Goth! School costs took up all of my disposable income in the fall so I wasn’t able to go to that show and I would love to see her in April instead. Her new album is amazing (typical Grimes) and I bet it’s even better live. Hope I can find out.

  19. Matt Porras

    I haven’t been a fan of Grimes for that long.. I first started listening to her because I was slayed by her magazine cover with charli xcx & sky ferreira. Visions easily became one of my new favorite albums. I’ve never had the opportunity to see her live so this would be amazing! Artangels is such a great album – totally different than what I’m used to from her, but it still has that grimes uniqueness that I love!!

  20. Erika Goodwin

    Everytime see comes to LA I have sadly missed her. Not only do I loved music, style but I love that she’s an advocate for animals and a vegan. ?⚡️

  21. Mathew Ward

    Id love to see Grimes at the Shrine because who doesn’t love Canadians? She’s such a unique individual and really pushes the envelope as an artist.

  22. Jesus Garcia

    I like Claire because she’s anti social and has all these anxieties but still puts on shows and tours for her fans. She gives introverted people like myself hope! I’m a student so I’m always broke, it would be a cool date to take a girl I like with

  23. Gabrielle Mercado

    Hey grimy goods! I’d love to win tickets to see grimes for my best friend and I! We have been playing her new album Art Angels nonstop! Art Angels was definitely one the the best albums of 2015. It is an album where you cannot skip one song. I know being a student I wouldn’t be able to afford tickets to see her especially at the shrine(Aka one of my favorite venues). I know this show is going to be an amazing work of art and I’d be so grateful for a chance to win these tickets and see her with my best friend

  24. Christopher Fuertes

    I’ve been a fan of Grimes ever since she grazed upon my screen on MTV in the 7th grade. Oblivion was the first song I heard and I’ve been in love with her ever since. She’s come a long way and I’m so happy with her most recent success, Art Angels! Sadly, for the past few years, I haven’t been able to see her in concert either because she wasn’t touring in LA, or because there was a certain age limit. Hopefully I get a chance to see her soon and I hope I win these tix!

  25. CameronSC

    In 2011 when “Genesis” came out I was in college living in a fraternity (don’t judge). One time at a party I hijacked the aux chord, cutting off Lil Wayne, and played the song. People loved it! I’ve been trying to see her live for a while now but can’t afford Coachella tix! Pleeeease help!

  26. Giselle Garcia

    Grimes is a irl angel! Claire is so genuine & doesn’t care for how people see her as nor anybody’s negative opinions, which is awesome because it’s allowing her to express herself incredibily and making new music and art. She has inspired me so much to be proud of who I am, let my creativity make me shine, be a powerful young lady! I’ve been having grimes dance parties by myself / with friends, admiring her visuals via youtube for too long, and day dreaming about seeing her live. Winning tixs will totally be a dream turned into “realiti”!

  27. Greg

    More like GRIMES GOODS amirite???? Anyway. My friend and I have recently been getting really into her. We have gotten incredibly good at singing along to her whispy, non verbal shrieks. His birthday happens to be the week of the show so I would love to surprise him with these.

  28. Andreina De Leon

    Grimes has been my favorite for years, I’ve never had the chance to see her because work gets in the way. This time I’m not working and I’m low on money to buy tickets so I really hope i win these tickets to witness how good her live shows are ?

  29. Kevin Gutierrez

    I went to Beach Goth expecting to see Grimes but I had some family issues to take care of so I couldn’t go, I really hope I win these tickets to see this amazing girl live.

  30. Eli Ekstein

    grimes is a masterclass lesson in being true to yourself as an artist. there is nothing more important than people who are courageous enough to do that in this day and age.

  31. Brynn Hinnant

    My name is Brynn Hinnant and I’ve been obsessed with Grimes and her music since her album, Visions. Not only does she write her own songs, she also produces them, which isn’t too common in the pop industry. She even directs her music videos. That’s why she’s one of my biggest inspirations because she’s in complete control of her music and her vision. When you listen to her music, you can hear and see how unique AND how talented she is. Especially her latest album, Art Angels. It’s an electro pop masterpiece (Kill V. Maim and Venus Fly alone deserve all the Grammys).
    I also love that Grimes speaks up about being gender neutral and about gender inequality in the music industry.
    I went to college in the middle of nowhere, so I never got the chance to see her live. I would love to be able to go to Grimes’ show in LA and hear some of my favorite songs of hers. I’m serious when I say, I will clean up after the show (Because I will! I have my mop ready).
    Thank you so much! I’m sorry if this post is long. I’m just really passionate about Grimes. Also, Christine and the Queens is amazing. A lot of people have been saying she’s the French Michael Jackson. What a great combo.

  32. Miguel Ascencio

    Oh my goodness. I just recently started listening to Grimes and I have been playing Art Angels nonstop. Listen to it in the car on the way to work, sing to it in the shower, and play it first thing in the morning to get ready for work. Who doesn’t love Canadians? She’s such a unique individual and really pushes the envelope as an artist. Both musically and with her videos. Have you seen the video for Kill V. Maim!? So crazy, but so good. She’s one of those artists who I just wonder what goes on inside their mind. Cogs always turning! I love it!

    Grimes aside, her openers are AMAZING. Tei Shi’s music is great to groove to and Christine & the Queens is an artist who I see going up and up this year. Christine is adorable at live shows and her music and dancers definitely win over the crowd.

    This concert is going to be an all-encompassing art extravaganza and I would love to be there!

  33. Carolina G

    I have been dying to see Grimes perform live. She is such a talented artist and I’ve been listening to ‘Art Angels’ on repeat for a while now. It would be so awesome to score tix to this show and dance my butt off!!

  34. Yahir Silva

    I love her style and how she’s so unique, I was waiting all year in 2015 for her to have a show but I never got the chance since she was working on her album. Hopefully I have a chance now!!!

  35. Alicia C

    Grimmy Goods! I’d loooove to win tickets to see GRIMES!!! I’ve been a fan of her unique artistry for a while now and have yet to see her live! I totally missed her last time?. Thanks so much for the opportunity! It would be super sweet to win tickets!?

  36. Fernando islas

    i’ve actually been wanting to see grimes for a couple years now. sadly, expenses never played in my favor and with this recent concert and me going back to school i’m set to miss her once again, hope you guys can help me out 🙂

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