An Interview with Seth Bogart: new solo album, collaborations and Feeling the Bern

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Former frontman for Hunx and His Punx and Gravy Train!!!! Seth Bogart is busting back onto the Los Angeles music scene with his brand spankin’ new solo, self-titled album, which drops February 19th via Burger Records. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with as much on stage charisma and cheeky charm as Bogart, which helps make both his new album irresistible and his double Record Release party with minimalist synth pop goddess Geneva Jacuzzi at The Echoplex, a hands down, must-see show.

The new album features a variety of synth-driven, electronically embellished catchy tracks such as the first single, “Eating Makeup,” and my personal top pick “Plastic!.” “Eating Makeup” features the unmatched vocal accompaniment of iconic riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin), and upon my initial listen of the song I could instantly feel her distinct influence permeating my ears. The song was inspired by an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction which featured someone who is literally addicted to eating makeup. Per Seth, “That’s my only TV inspired track, but I do like Ru Paul’s Drag Race a lot, and Transparent, and sadly Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. When I heard “Plastic!” I was immediately drawn to its Daft Punk-like dance-ready groove and feel. When I inquired about Seth’s personal favorite track off the album he shared, “Definitely “Forgotten Fantazy” by far and I also have a special place for “Sunday Boy,” and “Lubed.” The track differentiates itself quite a bit from the rest of the album with its more subdued lyricism and deeper, darker introspective vibes, a highlight both for Seth and myself.

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The new album, I discovered, was also co-written and produced by Cole MGN (Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, Dâm Funk) and I pressed Seth to find out more about their special collaboration.

“Cole is an old friend of mine I met in Oakland in the mid 2000s. We hung out a lot and right when we got close he moved to LA with his wife Ramona and our friend Oscar. I wanted to move with them but I ran a hair salon and couldn’t leave. When I finally got here in 2012 we eventually met up, went to the beach and worked on some demos – something I had always wanted to do with him. I really can’t find words to describe how much I love collaborating with him. He’s such a great artist, musician and producer and puts everything he has into whatever he’s working on. There was basically nothing challenging about making this record. It just always felt right.”.

In addition to his collab with Cole MGN, the album also features appearances from fantastic guests such as Clementine Creevy (Cherry Glazerr), Tavi Gevinson and Kathleen Hanna, to name a few. Seth dished on all the fun he had working with his creative peers. [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”firstclass” size=”15″]”Kathleen and Chela recorded their vocals from different cities and emailed them which felt very chic and modern. Tavi and Clem came into Cole’s studio and it was really fun but I’m also glad I’m very gay cuz I woulda maybe felt like a perve cuz they just graduated high school. Truthfully though, so did I. So we’re all freshly outta high school.”[/pullquote]

While Seth hasn’t teamed up with Senator Bernie Sanders just yet (Killer Mike’s currently got that covered) he has show some social media love for the Presidential candidate and is feeling the Bern, “He makes me have hope for the future.” We here at Grimy Goods are hopeful too, for more awesome things to come from the one and only Seth Bogart.

Words/interview: Emily Saex


Watch the video for “Plastic!” below.

Watch the video for “Eating Makeup” (featuring Kathleen Hanna) below.


Seth Bogart Album Cover

Seth Bogart Track Listing:
1. Hollywood Squares
2. Eating Makeup (feat. Kathleen Hanna)
3. Forgotten Fantazy
4. Smash The TV
5. Lubed (feat. Jeremiah Nadya)
6. Club With Me
7. Supermarket Supermode (feat. Chela)
8. Flurt (feat. Chela)
9. Nina Hagen – Daaz (feat. Clementine Creevy)
10. Plastic!
11. Barely 21 (feat. Tavi Gevinson
12. Sunday Boy

The Seth Bogart & Geneva Jacuzzi Double Record Release show will be popping off at The Echoplex on Friday, February 19th and features a killer lineup that also includes performances by Chela, Cold Beat and DJ Cole MGN. While Seth couldn’t reveal all the surprises that away lucky concert-goers, they do exist, so get on it and Get Tickets!

You can also check out Seth’s super rad clothing and accessories, inspired by everything from tabloids to tampons and perfume to poodles, at his Wacky Wacko online and soon to be reopened pop up shop.

No additional U.S. tour dates currently scheduled but stay tuned to Seth Bogart’s website for upcoming show dates!


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