“The Future is Female” — Kim and The Created and Le Butcherettes rip the Echoplex a new one

Last night, fans at the Echoplex were treated to a mind blowing and empowering concert led by Los Angeles’ Kim and The Created and Le Butcherettes: two underground powerhouses that never cease to amaze us.

The evening was a celebratory event for Kim and The Created’s 7-inch record release, as well as a homecoming. The ferocious frontwoman has been touring with The Kills and last night Los Angeles welcomed her back with open arms. In return, Kim showcased her new guitar licks and gave fans yet another Kim and The Created show that will go down in the books. To top it all off, Le Butcherettes were the surprise act for the evening.

There’s a reason why we cover both of these acts without question, and without growing tired. They fucking rock. And like Teri Gender Bender said as she closed out her glorious set, “The future is female.”

Check out our photos below of Kim and The Created with Le Butcherettes at The Echoplex.

Photography: Wes Marsala


Kim and the Created Kim and the Created Kim and the Created Kim and the Created

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Le Butcherettes Le Butcherettes Le Butcherettes Le Butcherettes



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