15 Underground / Lesser-Known Bands to catch in Los Angeles this August



This August, there’s a lot of fabulous lesser-known / underground acts worthy of your attention. We already dropped our Best Concerts of The Month feature which focuses on well-known acts, and now it’s time to deliver the best in underground for this August. From the doom metal splendor of cellist Helen Money to the sweet Spanish serenades of Natalia LaFourcade, or the fresh synth pop of NVDES and the noise rock of Girl Band—underground music aficionados have a lot to choose from this August. Check out below our 15 selection for the best underground acts to catch this August. Listen to each band below via our Spotify playlist!



August 2 — NVDES at Resident

LA-based project NVDES is a creative collective curated and produced by Josh Ocean. He just released his debut 7″ single this year via B3SCI Records and it’s all sorts of delicious. Stream NVDES’ bangin’ electro pop diddy “The Other Side” via our Spotify playlist!
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August 3 — ABRA at Resident

Recently signed to True Panther Sounds for her just released Princess EP,  Atlanta-based ABRA has got it going on! A queen of all trades, ABRA is a singer, songwriter, producer and an occasional rapper. Smooth beats, sultry vocals and mad game, need you ask for more?
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August 3 — The Black Windmill at Bootleg Theater

Led by singer/guitarist Axel Ray Steuerwald of United Ghosts, The Black Windmill are a trippy dream-pop band out of L.A.. With a loose lineup of band members featuring players from Magic Wands, Vowws, United Ghosts, La Forza, and Roman Remains (UK)—each live performance is sure to be a unique experience with these guys.
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smoke season photo

Smoke Season

August 4 — Smoke Season at The Echo

When it comes to captivating and commanding an audience, Los Angeles’ Smoke Season bring their A-game and they bring it fierce. Their passionate electro-soul performance will melt your senses. Added value: Caught A Ghost are also performing! Win. Win.
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August 4 — Sand Babes at Los Globos

Boasting a dreamy psychedelic sound, LA’s Sand Babes dish out a sweet elixir of experimental melodies, surf-pop and all around charm. We dug these guys so much that we booked them last year at Echo Park Rising. Feel it, enjoy it, get lost in it.
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August 4 — Natalia LaFourcade at Santa Monica Pier

Seriously, it’s impossible to not fall in love with Natalia LaFourcade’s sweet-as-honey vocals. It doesn’t matter that she sings mainly in Spanish, this Mexican indie pop darling will make your heart swoon. And did we mention she’s a GRAMMY winner?! Added Value: Monsieur Periné open!
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Helen Money

Helen Money

August 9, 16, 23, 30 — Helen Money at Complex

Cellist Helen Money (aka Alison Chesley) is bringing her dark industrial orchestra of nefarious sounds to Complex. Trust, you ain’t never heard a cellist quite like Helen Money (she’s AMAZINGLY BADASS). She performs four nights at Complex this August as part of their monthly residency. Added Value: Helen Money’s new album Become Zero is out Sept. 19, featuring Sleep/Neurosis drummer Jason Roeder.
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August 11 — Lucy Dacus at Bootleg Theater

Recently signed to Matador Records, this Richmond singer-songwriter is hot on the rise. Lucy Dacus masters honest songwriting and will keep you hooked with her catchy power-pop and alt folk ballads.
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August 11 — Manatee Commune at The Echoplex

Filling your ears with warm and textured sounds, Washington’s Manatee Commune (a.k.a. Grant Eadie) blends organic sounds from his roots in the Pacific Northwest to create a most delectable sound. Electronic, chill-wave, soul—Manatee Commune will make you wish it was raining in L.A.
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August 14 — Geneva Jacuzzi at The Echoplex

Part Time Punks favorite, Geneva Jacuzzi is bringing her dark synth-driven pop back to the Sunday night weekly event. This LA-based act is as unique (and DIY) as they come. As a songwriter, musician and visual artist, Geneva Jacuzzi’s performance is always a fabulous spectacle.
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Mondo Drag

Mondo Drag

August 16, 23, 29 — Mondo Drag at The Echo

Dropping that heavy psych and hazy blues rock, Oakland’s Mondo Drag are gearing up to melt your face at their Echo residency. You have three nights to catch these guys. Don’t fuck up.
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August 16 — Courtney Marie Andrews at Bootleg Theater

Originally from sun-soaked Arizona, but now repping rainy Seattle, Courtney Marie Andrews’ music is wholesome, honest and colorful. This is one singer/songwriter who’s rich storytelling you won’t want to miss. Added Value: Johnathan Rice opens.
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August 17 — Cellars at The Satellite

L.A.-based Cellars, aka Allene Norton, makes sexy electro pop that you won’t soon forget. With vintage tones from he ‘70s and ‘80s, her music is probably best experienced at a roller rink, but we’ll settle for the buzz worthy Satellite in Silver Lake.
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August 18 — Arum Rae at Resident

From the upbeat rock ’n’ pop rhythms of “Something’s Happening To Me” to the toned down alt R&B of “Warranted Queen,” Arum Rae is all that and then some! This girl’s got deep songwriter roots with an upbeat flair. Get ready to move, swoon and be serenaded.
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August 23 — Girl Band at Bootleg Theater

There is nothing soft and sweet about Girl Band’s sound or performance, and that’s exactly why you need to catch this young Dublin foursome live. Blistering. Glorious. Noise-Rock.
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