Museum of Love

Museum of Love

Museum of Love Are a Must-See Act at FYF Fest

Words: Steven Ward

With just nine days left until FYF Fest, we begin to take a deep look at the FYF lineup; listening to bands we’re not too familiar with while revisiting others to see if they still grab out attention. FYF might be one of the most manageable festivals to work around time conflicts and map out your daily schedule due to its nature, but that is simply not the case. There’s always just too many great bands to fully give your attention. With that said, it’s time we feature yet another FYF act that you need to add to your schedule.

This week’s featured FYF undercard is Museum of Love.

With LCD Soundsystem set to close out FYF’s final day, an appearance by Museum of Love is an exceptional treat to say the least. Formed by LCD’s former drummer Pat Mahoney, the band consists of a closely knit group of multi-instrumentalists (literally closely knit, the group huddles pretty close together onstage) that offer up a mildly austere brand of moody 80’s pop. Like a mini LCD, but with James Murphy’s croons replaced by the warped Bowie-esque rumblings of Mahoney, Museum of Love’s excessively funky tunes are slow-burners that build anxiously towards their percussive, synth-rippling climaxes.


I was fortunate to catch them at the Fonda a few months ago, and completely oblivious to who they were, remarked to someone that they sounded like LCD (I was still high off their Coachella set, so I thought it was me just being obnoxious). Mahoney no doubt has taken a page from his former band’s book, but rather than just an LCD tribute band, Museum of Love is decidedly more introspective and proactive in its droning instrumentals; at times opting to unnerve and subdue listeners rather than make them dance. From what I remember their entire set was one cohesive play through that featured seldom stops or breaks—but the haunting vocal harmonies, distinct xylophone clinging, and heart-thumping build ups still stick out in my mind. If you’re a fan of LCD (or are somehow debating if you’d like them or not, spoiler: you will) or acts like Crystal Castles—you can’t afford not to see the spectacle that will be Museum of Love.

Museum of Love performs at FYF Fest on Saturday, August 27 at 4:25 p.m. on the Club Stage. Stream their self-titled debut album below via Spotify, or purchase it here.

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Museum of Love “Monotronic” (Official Video)

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