From Indian Lakes makes “Everything Feels Better Now” a truth after stellar Echo performance

From Indian Lakes

The Echo housed a beautiful Saturday evening this past weekend. Joey Vannucchi, better known by his project — From Indian Lakes, was ending his three-month U.S. tour right here in Los Angeles. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who pulls inspiration from acts such as Radiohead and The Dodos. The music he produces has such a distinct sound. I’ve listened since his second release in 2012 — Able Bodies. There’s such a quality to his art that is so powerfully displayed through live and recorded work. I admire the indie-pop overall energy, that manages a quiet intensity with his sometimes dark lyrics. With tracks over the years such as “Am I Alive” and “Awful Things,” you hear very minor teen angst, but overall the experiences from growing up in a rural sort of community.

The latest release and third full length record for Vannucchi, Everything Feels Better Now brings back the continuation of the flavorful sound fans love. Unique to this recording process in particular, Vannucchi actually recorded all of the vocals and instruments himself. He used old-school analog recording equipment and didn’t use any post production editing. You can hear the use of tape recorders throughout the record with the created delays and overlaps. For me the record is overall super vibey and relatable to our insane imaginations.

The night’s set was no disappointment to From Indian Lakes discography. I myself was so captivated by Joey’s ability to transport the room into a different realm with his glossy voice and stinging Fender Telecaster. Touching down with all the feels, From Indian Lakes had my heart speeding, slowing, and at times skipping beats.

Words & Photography: Danielle Gornbein 

From Indian Lakes From Indian Lakes From Indian Lakes

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