13 Ugly Christmas Sweaters From Bands That Rock

Pantera ugly christmas sweater



 Ozzy Ozbourne

Pennywise ugly christmas sweater
Ozzy Osbourne ugly christmas sweater


descendents ugly christmas sweater


Metallica ugly christmas sweater


Morrissey ugly christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater Price List:

Please note, prices are subject to change.

  • Run The Jewels Ugly Christmas Sweater — $55
  • Queens of The Stone Age Ugly Christmas Sweater — $29.99
  • The Cure Ugly Christmas Sweater — $34
  • Nas Ugly Christmas Sweater — $45 (A portion of proceeds will go to The Center for Court Innovation, which seeks to help create a more effective and humane justice system, reducing both crime and incarceration.)
  • Ryan Adams Ugly Christmas Sweater — $39.99
  • Iron Maiden Ugly Christmas Sweater — $84 (Talk about a ridiculous mark up for a sweater that is made 100 % of crappy acrylic… #SMH)
  • The Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater — $85 (Of course the Stones will also have an insane mark up on their sweater… At least it’s 100% cotton fleece unlike Iron Maiden’s garbage material.)
  • Pantera Ugly Christmas Sweater — $71.36
  • Pennywise Ugly Christmas Sweater — $28
  • Ozzy Osbourne Ugly Christmas Sweater – $55
  • Descendents Ugly Christmas Sweater — $54.99
  • Metallica Ugly Christmas Sweater — $67.99
  • Morrissey Ugly Christmas Sweater — $56

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