Queens of the stone age descendents ugly christmas sweater

Holiday parties are in full swing this coming weekend and with that said, you can’t deny the popularity of a good ole Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Why not be the cool kid at the spiked eggnog bowl reppin’ a dope Christmas sweater from one of your favorite bands. Check out our selections for the 13 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters from Bands that Rock! From Run The Jewels’ corny take on “Run The Yules” to Queens of the Stone Age’s extraterrestrial Christmas sweater, and Nas’ fresh kneeling black Santa, all the way to a cute caricature of Robert Smith from The Cure — Ugly Christmas Sweaters in 2016 are upping the ante. Check out the price list below and click on the sweaters for more details.

Run The Jewels ugly christmas sweater

 Run The Jewels

 Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the stone age ugly christmas sweater

The Cure

The Cure ugly christmas sweater


NAs ugly christmas sweater

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams descendents ugly christmas sweater

Iron Maiden

iro maiden ugly christmas sweater

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones ugly christmas sweater