street Joy

You may remember earlier this summer when Grimy Goods premiered a funky new single from Street Joy, marking a change in the direction of the band’s overall sound. The elements of “Do A Thing” were thoughtful, intriguing even, with lyrics and instrumentation intertwined on several levels. Well, the band released a new song last Friday called “Ricochet,” and it is another incredible jam laced with funk, this time engaging in some politics. 

“There’s unrest in the street
Gotta get away
If the fuzz have got you on your feet
Make ’em feel the heat
For how they mistreat.”

The opening lines of Street Joy’s new single are a thesis for the following three and a half minutes: a demand for accountability for acts of police brutality. The groove on “Ricochet” moves at a very quick pace, creating a sense of urgency, to dance and to march. The same characteristic rests and flourishes bring to mind their last single, but the new track’s lyrics are able to convey concrete emotions, ones that are painfully relevant to our society today. The song begins by calling out the harm that police have caused, but continues on to explain that from here, paranoia grows. The pulling of the trigger is only the beginning, or as Street Joy would say, “Carelessness is devastation.”

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by: Zoë Elaine