Hot Artist Alert: Ella Vos — get lost in her lulling vocals that serenade with meaningful lyrics

Ella Vos

After featuring her January School Night gig as a Best Show of the Night, Los Angeles vocalist / songwriter, Ella Vos quickly peaked our attention. With a vocal prowess that is smooth and lifting, and at times seducing, Ella Vos captivates with her enchanting range. Songs like “You Don’t Know About Me” are singalong perfection. Vos’ delicate but alluring voice invites you to chime in whether dancing along to the smooth grooves or singing along to the catchy chorus. Alternatively, tracks like “White Noise” are more dark and mysterious where we hear Vos’ tone taking a spellbinding path. Surprisingly, the moody number is about her recent journey into motherhood. Vos told Rolling Stone in an interview:

“I didn’t even mean it to be about that situation. I just realized as I was writing those words I was just so depressed and in a weird fog. Nothing was real around me. It was super intense,” she says. “But I’m really glad I pushed myself to do it. I’m realizing more and more how much it really matters to put out honest music, and I feel so much better standing behind it, like, ‘Yes, this is what I wrote, and this is what it’s about, and take it or leave it.” 

With lovely sounding music that touches on deep issues such as motherhood and female empowerment, Ella Vos makes music with meaning. There’s nothing better than loving the beats and melodies of a song, and knowing that the lyrics have meaning and aren’t just some empty words.

Wrapping up a small summer tour, where Ella Vos performed at Bonnaroo, as well as a hometown Los Angeles show at The Echo, those in Southern California can still catch this rising star live. Ella Vos will perform at the upcoming Ohana Fest in Dana Point, as well as the inaugural Spaceland Block Party at Union Station (now postponed). 

Watch below, Ella Los’ video for “You Don’t Know About Me,” which was inspired by the politics and social stigmas regarding women’s reproductive rights.

For more tour dates and music from Ella Vos, keep up with her via her Facebook page.


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