Spencer Lugwig shares music video for new song “Got Me Like”

Soulful pop trumpeter Spencer Ludwig has shared the music video for his newest single “Got Me Like,” a track created with the sole purpose of getting people on their feet and dancing to its energetic gusto. With a penchant for producing the most infectious of jazz-pop creations and held together by his horn blowing melodic madness, Ludwig lights up the dance floor on his new song as howls and slides his way through the video on a stage surrounded by jumping fans. Produced by Rock Mafia (Demi Lovato, Zedd, Tiesto), the song relishes itself in being the catalyst for the most intense of dance parties. Soaring through a sea of smoothly polished “oohs” and “aahs,” Ludwig and his band edge their excitement into the crowd with every soulful chorus line and elegantly delivered dance move.

“I just want people to sing, dance and have fun at my shows and in life in general. That’s what this song is about and that’s what it’s for,” Ludwig said about the song.

Listen to Spencer Ludwig’s new single “Got Me Like” below!

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