The Lodge Room in Highland Park, Los Angeles’ newest music venue

The Lodge Room

The Lodge Room in Highland Park

Los Angeles gets yet another music venue with Highland Park’s latest piece, the Lodge Room

The past decade we’ve been in a live music renaissance with online streaming, music festivals and venues popping up left and right. Just when you think Los Angeles couldn’t possibly get another music venue, it does (seriously, the amount of venues this city is insane). Incoming! LA’s hottest piece, Highland Park, now hosts yet another venue called the Lodge Room. Residing inside the historic Highland Park Masonic Temple, the 500-capacity venue will also benefit from a full service restaurant serving New American cuisine. “Dinner and movie” has now officially become dinner and a show.

So who’s behind this exciting new music venture? It’s not Spaceland, it’s not the Bowery and it isn’t Goldenvoice. The Lodge Room is backed by by a local independent hospitality group. Last year, the Eastsider reported the property being owned by real estate developer Hugh Horne. While Horne primarily invests in self-storage spaces, it looks like he’s now shooting headfirst into live music and events. And what better space to get a jump than in a gorgeous 1920s Italian Renaissance Revival-style building in the heart of one of LA’s oldest cities.

The Lodge Room

Ceiling of the Lodge Room in Highland Park

With talent bookings helmed by Sid The Cat, the partnership of Brandon Gonzalez and Kyle Wilkerson (also the talent buyer at the Bootleg), expect to witness some great selections of live music, both in the underground and well-known realms. Sid The Cat has already lined up three shows for the Lodge Room: Bedouine (Dec. 9), The Album Leaf  (Dec. 15) and Black Marble (Jan. 12).

Staying true to the building’s historic aesthetic, the 8,000-square-foot space has been completely renovated, but still holds its unique historic features including masonic and Egyptian symbols seen throughout the building. Additionally, the Lodge Room is made up of purple, teal and gold colors, which go quite nicely with the Egyptian fusion. The restaurant portion of the space (Checker Hall) is surrounded by big windows that look over Figueroa. Perfect for people-watching. 

All in all, the Lodge Room seems dope, and is looking to be another favored music hall amongst Angelinos. Only bummer, parking! There isn’t a parking lot for the venue, and no valet is in place (yet); and with Highland Park growing in popularity, you can bet your sweet ass parking is gonna be a bitch. Regardless, this small feat should not be an issue for seasoned show-goers. Pretty sure you guys know all the tricks of the trade. Update: a friend just informed us that there is a parking lot behind the venue that is free after 9pm. Let’s hope it stays that way …

The Lodge Room in Highland Park plans to open its doors this November! For more information, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


The Light – The Album Leaf


Bedouine – “One of These Days”

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