Song Premiere: Emily Gold and Friends Find Themselves Drawn into the Funnel of Love

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Photo Credit: Michelle Shiers

When special moments happen live at concerts, it can feel like magic. Last February, the Galentine’s Day show at the Hi Hat was the setting for a particularly magical collaboration between Emily Gold, Lauren Ruth Ward, and Sarsten Noice. The trio (along with Gold’s band) covered Wanda Jackson’s classic single, “Funnel of Love,” apt for an evening celebrating the feeling in its many forms. Their electric performance translates well to the studio version, which Gold is finally debuting today; listen exclusively below. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]“I love Wanda Jackson, especially “Funnel of Love”–she has such a unique voice and her songs all have a bite to them. I asked Lauren and Sarsten to accompany me on the cover last year live at a Valentine’s Day show and we had so much fun we decided to record it. This track was hugely made possible by my drummer Salvatore Romano, who played drums and bass and also helped with mixing and engineering. He and Eddie Rivera from Lauren’s band added guitars and Eddie also helped with tracking vocals. We [Lauren, Sarsten, and I] all have our own projects and musical styles so it was fun to collaborate and hear all of our very different sounding voices back to back. ” – Emily Gold   [/perfectpullquote]

The new rendition comes off as menacing, though that isn’t entirely the fault of the brilliant vocalists that re-imagine it. The lyrics imply that love is a stalker, seeking you out with minor chord progressions even when you try to run and hide. The grit in the performances of Gold, Ward, and Noice simply add to this existing dread. They begin with an ensemble chorus, but the verse is split into three parts; these few lines stand apart because, as Gold mentions, you can hear their distinct takes on the melody, and they do not disappoint. What was intended only as a fun collab between friends turned out to be a track to archive, if only for posterity’s sake.


Emily Gold has a new band, Velvet, and you should follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You should also keep track of Lauren Ruth Ward via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Finally, you can find Sarsten Noice playing with her bands Slugs (Facebook, Instagram) and Hydro Kitten (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

by: Zoë Elaine

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