Photo credit: Angela Izzo

Bleeding images reflect the fuzzy soundscape of Lucy Arnell’s latest single, “Do It Again.” Arnell is a local rocker, with a release party planned for the new track at Love Song Bar tomorrow night, supported by Henry Wolfe and Lael Neale. See her perform her own garage grunge before she takes off on tour as the guitarist for Jackie Cohen, who will be supporting Alex Cameron. Once she’s back, she has even more to share, with a new LP, Anyways Any, on the way.

The forthcoming record is touted as recorded in analog (and produced by Jason Abraham Roberts), and it brings a newfound grit with fangs. Arnell has always had an affinity for the noisy, given her previous unfiltered EP. “Do It Again” promises more than before, and the video for it, directed by Angela Izzo, will overwhelm the senses. Let Lucy Arnell’s resolve seep into you as you await Anyways Any, coming in September.


Pre-order “Do It Again” here. Arnell’s show at the Love Song Bar is free, so be sure to catch it tomorrow night; more info. Follow Lucy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


by: Zoë Elaine