eva b ross

Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix our problems before we face them? Local songwriter Eva B. Ross wrote her debut single about that very thought. The song, “Messy,” will appear on her forthcoming EP, which features just as many light-hearted melodies as you’ll find in today’s premiere. Watch Ross attempt to get it together in the new video, directed and edited by Marcella Cytrynowicz with cinematography by Gus Bendinelli, below. 


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“When I started writing “Messy,” it began with electric guitar and a whole bunch of stacked vocals. From the moment I wrote it, I heard that winding wall of harmonies which supported the idea that the song itself is an internal monologue. The initial inspiration for it was fairly trivial: I had asked someone not to call me back, and when they didn’t call, I was bummed. When I dissected both the humor and the pain of that contradiction, I discovered the moment was a small example of larger phenomenon. While coming to terms with your own flaws can be heavy, there’s something joyful about laying it all out—and sometimes (usually in hindsight) even the screw ups can be pretty amusing.” – Eva B. Ross

Nothing is as precarious as a house of cards, but Ross has the solution: tape. Of course, that’s not a solution so much as a temporary bandage, waiting to be dealt with at another time. Another great metaphor in Ross’ new clip is her manipulation of traffic: with a can of yellow paint and a fleet of toy cars, she’s in charge, and yet things still go awry. Her sunny disposition encourages us to accept our flaws and find comfort in the fact that everyone has them. So rather than pretending to be perfect, go ahead and get messy.

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words by: Zoë Elaine