Don’t Give Up Hope Yet: Pathway to Paris is coming to the Ace Hotel on September 16th

This may come as a shock, but there is still some hope left for the planet after all. The Paris Agreement was adopted by 195 countries in December of 2015, and then, a year-and-a-half later, the Drumpf administration sent a formal notice to the UN announcing that the US would withdraw. The agreement has little short-term effect on the country; however, there will be grave consequences if the second-largest polluting nation in the world chooses to do nothing to stop future destruction to the environment.

That’s where Pathway to Paris comes in. To paraphrase their website, Pathway to Paris is a partnership with the UN and that brings together musicians, artists, activists, climate change experts, academics, politicians, and innovators to work together to help turn the Paris Agreement into reality. The organization was founded in New York in 2014, and concerts have been held sporadically over the years in other cities, most notably in Paris during the same week that the agreement was signed.

Pathway to Paris is now coming to the west coast. On September 16th, the Theater at the Ace Hotel will host the event, featuring guests like Patti SmithKaren OJim JamesTalib KweliLucinda WilliamsFlea, and other speakers and artists. This and the event in San Francisco two nights earlier will cap off the Global Climate Action Summit, which is meant to celebrate achievements for the climate action and to organize for continued action into the future.

Get your tickets to the Ace Hotel here. For more information about Pathway to Paris, visit their website.

words by: Zoë Elaine

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