Rising goth pop star DeathByRomy revealed her debut full-length record, Monsters, this past September and it is fierce. The local artist exhibits a wide range of sounds on the album; it begins with Lana Del Rey-like ballads and moves into melodic pop tunes where the bass is turned up to eleven. She will be celebrating the release at the Very Scary Christmas show planned at the Moroccan Lounge in late December, where she will be supported by The AquaDolls, MACK, and Tony Velour; grab tickets here.

Pressing play on Monsters is like opening the lid on a musical jewelry box. A soft set of keys leads us to Romy’s voice, as she waxes poetic about evil and duplicity. Sweeping orchestral arrangements follow her throughout the rest of the songs, sometimes falling away in favor of drum machines as in “No More” or “Average,” the latter of which concisely demonstrates her ability to rap as well. She battles demons the whole way through Monsters, and though it leaves her exhausted, she has come out the other side with confidence. 

Grab tickets to DeathByRomy at the Moroccan Lounge on December 27 here. Follow DeathByRomy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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