Argentinian/American electro pop artist and multi-instrumentalist Crow has released her much-anticipated debut single “Go.” Within the first few seconds it’s clear that she is a creative powerhouse. She flexes her vocal range á la Lorde over a haunting, layered track that includes sultry bass lines punctuated by tribal sounds and resounding drums. But the music is only half of what makes the song such a powerful piece. Lyrics like “You know you wanna walk away / don’t be afraid (be afraid) of pain” and “Just as long as you’re moving / you’re doing fine,” highlight the core message of “Go”: releasing what doesn’t serve you, and trusting the mystery of the future.

Crow’s upbringing was “bilingual, adventurous, and creative,” the latter being a coping mechanism for dealing with unrelenting bullying. Desperate to find a way to escape from the rejection she was subjected to for most of her childhood and adolescence, she turned to art in its many forms to express her emotions, and through this she discovered self-love.

Crow’s ability to tap into her emotions at such a young age gave her the intuition and wisdom necessary to write such a cathartic anthem like “Go” at just 16 years old. Originally written to placate a newly-hired manager and team, countless efforts at a production that both parties felt great about fell flat. Crow could no longer deny the disconnect she felt with her team. She knew she had to make a decision that everyone told her not to make: leaving her manager and production team.

Crow felt understood by one person she had met along the way—Alek Fin. He was one of the producers on her team who decided to leave because he “did not want to be a part of a group of men that were manipulating a 16-year-old girl out of her initial creative vision, and into something they thought would be profitable.” Crow felt like Fin understood and respected her vision, and the two set out to produce not only this version of “Go,” but also her forthcoming debut EP.

Crow is slated to release “a plethora” of new music this year, with plans to perform these songs live. Crow says her performances are guided by the “intention to guide [my] witnesses into a state of hypnotic, introspective reflection, emerging with newfound love and compassion for self.” She’s constantly in LA for shows and to connect with fellow musicians, so keep an eye on her social media for tour date announcements!

Feature by Sonia Nuno

Listen to Crow’s New Song “Go” below!

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