Lo-fi songwriter Worn-Tin to play a manic, circus of a show at The Echo for new album “Cycles”


“Cycles,” the eponymous song of Worn-Tin’s upcoming debut album, bugs out like a lo-fi tune squeezing through a lousy transmission of a very outdated car stereo. And it’s all the better for it. Warner, the man behind the moniker—one gifted to him by a drunk friend at a jacuzzi party—at first pursued a career and interest in comedy and stand-up before arriving at the decision that music was a better outlet for his hyperactive, manically happy-sad musings.

From the bare-naked prancing of his hypnotic vocals to the psychedelic-tint that whirl around as his melodies, Worn-tin’s songs are imbued with quite a few dualities. Warner could absolutely find a long-lost brother in Mac DeMarco—and we both cringe and find ourselves giddy at the madness that would ensue should they ever play the same gig together. From the dreamy synth meanderings of songs like “Crew,” to the groovy jangle of subdued guitars in “Fine,” and the heady-rock in “On My Way,” Worn-Tin pushes the kinetic limits of his lo-fi interests into the redline. With his album release party hitting The Echo next week—and the promise of wild antics that in the past have included drinking his own urine to getting arrested on stage—we think it’s safe to say it’ll be one of the most raucous shows of 2019.

Worn-Tin will be playing The Echo in Los Angeles on February 26 for his album release show. His debut album is out today. Stream it here.

Visit Worn-tin’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Watch the Video for Title-track “Cycles” Below!

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