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Worn-Tin at The Echo -- Photo: John Furth
Worn-Tin brings lo-fi fun to The Echo with support from Bella Porter and Tomemitsu

Tuesday night at the Echo, Worn-Tin brought lo-fi jams and laughs to his friends and fans at the release party for his new album ‘Cycles’. The whole event had a laid back vibe. Warner (the man behind the moniker Worn-Tin) spent time welcoming the early arrivals to the show and catching up with old friends. […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |
Lo-fi songwriter Worn-Tin to play a manic, circus of a show at The Echo for new album “Cycles”

“Cycles,” the eponymous song of Worn-Tin’s upcoming debut album, bugs out like a lo-fi tune squeezing through a lousy transmission of a very outdated car stereo. And it’s all the better for it. Warner, the man behind the moniker—one gifted to him by a drunk friend at a jacuzzi party—at first pursued a career and […]