Xoller — Photo: Zach Wright

And This Time It’s Personal

Dream-pop artist Xoller has released another single into the ethers, and this time she says it’s the most honest she has ever been. ‘I Will Be Different From You’ is a dark, haunting ballad telling the story of a new love, crafted on the lies that we tell our partner at the start. Our past relationships wither in the distance as we proclaim that we will be better, we won’t repeat our mistakes, we will be different this time. 


The tone and atmosphere of the song are reminiscent of a dream state, while booming, anthemic drums chug on like they’re fighting for water in a desert. Sirening synths echo throughout the landscape as the hook sneaks in like a subliminal message. Xoller’s vocals are rich and expansive, gently making the promise to stay together with this person forever. Finally, the chorus comes in like a secret: a descending melody calls out in a conclusive “love me or leave me, but never believe me.”

“When you’ve been no prize in a past relationship, there is a frantic desire to convince yourself that you’ll be different this time, even if you know deep down that you’re talking out of your ass. You tell someone new, if only to convince yourself, “I’ll be better, like new.” – Xoller 

LA transplant by way of Brooklyn (via Delaware, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Massachusetts), Xoller is a natural born creator. Using music as a constructive outlet for the anxieties she faces, she’s been able to harness a world of energy within her music that is retrospective and unique.

Xoller has spent time in the studio writing original music for TV and film, and is currently working to build her first solo EP. Her first single ‘Warning Shot’ was released in March of 2019 followed by ‘Loom,’ and her debut EP “Diamond In My Head” is set for release this August.

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Words: Ariana Tibi