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Saro — Photo credit: Alexander Black

Crumbling static and thundering drums parallel Saro’s voice as it emotes through a misty atmosphere. While one track floats with his airy falsetto, another is full of energy, his emotions heightened and dancing.

Die Alone is Saro’s third EP release and it may just be his most raw deliverance yet. Featured on Grimy Goods’ Best New Songs of the Month, songs like “Please” are like food for the soul.


Produced by David Burris, Die Alone is a collection of seven songs that tell Saro’s story in a stream of conscious, emotive work of art. The title track is a two-minute entry into his world, as if we are being led through the woods by his voice, experiencing his raw emotion. High notes fall through the brisk, piano driven landscape as he addresses a lover, exposing the gender for the first time in a song.

“To me, that song’s about being young and not understanding your sexuality,” Saro explains. “I’ve never really had a coming-out moment with my fans, so this is the first time I’m being really truthful about my sexuality in my songs.”

While track one is stripped, the rest of the project is adorned with decorative vocal samples and synths, like quick gentle storms in the distance.

‘Snowblind’ builds on the production, viscerally releasing more of his story. ‘Nothing Remains’ showcases a feeling that is gut-wrenching and pure; yearning to scream until nothing remains, this song delivers a devastatingly beautiful release:

“I was completely destroyed when I made ‘Nothing Remains,’” he recalls. “I’d just had my heart broken for the very first time in my life, and I went into the studio and sang my heart out—I didn’t really even write the lyrics, they just came out of me like a flood. By the time I was done I was shaking and so weak, I went home and slept for days.”

The poetic, electro-R&B singer performed at LA Pride this year and just last week at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles.

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Words by Ariana Tibi