Tess Henley Debuts Smooth Track ‘Same Girl’ Off Upcoming EP

Tess Henley
Tess Henley — Photo: Pavielle Garcia

It’s a new era for Tess Henley. Compiling songs that are entirely self-produced, Henley has been teasing songs off her forthcoming EP, ‘Better.’ The latest release, ‘Same Girl’ is a classic worthy of several, delicious reruns. The smooth track takes on the emotional narrative of old lovers reuniting, asking the age-old question: am I the same girl you used to know?


A delicate, summery chorus leads in the song over jazzy, syncopated keys. Henley’s voice features a raspy attitude and the treasurable passion of someone with a story to tell. Steady, shimmering rhythms move us along in a groove that will carry you like a tube in a pool. Relax, sit back, and bop along.

Tess Henley is an American singer-songwriter who’s been musical since the age of three. She’s won multiple songwriting competitions, debuted on Jimmy Kimmel, and is about to grace us with an EP that is entirely her.

“Same Girl was the song that unlocked the faith I needed to start producing on my own,” Henley explains. “I made the demo for it one night in my room and realized the demo wasn’t that far from what I wanted in the song. So I just kept working on it to get it right. It showed me that the things I had been looking for in a producer all these years was always in me.”

This Friday, June 28 — Tess is putting on an intimate live session at Soho House with special guest LA-based artist Brandon Banks.

With a gentle suave and infectious light, Tess Henley will release her full EP this summer. Until then, stream her tunes and catch her on Instagram.

Words by Ariana Tibi

tess henley

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