Penelope Isles’ Debut Album, is a Sweet and Salty Summer Experience

penelope isles
Photo Credit: Abbey Raymonde

July continues to bring sweltering weather as summertime in Los Angeles saunters along. While Angelinos may soon be praying for a respite from the heat, UK based band Penelope Isles are keen to turn it up with the recent release of their debut album, Until the Tide Creeps In.

The album, the brainchild of brother and sister Jack and Lily Wolter, is in part a fiery collision of sound and emotion and one part, a cool leisurely walk in the park.

Hot licks and scorching guitars revel in the inferno they create, while summer friendly synth dances throughout the flames. It’s a young and carefree creation, 

While the opening track, “Chlorine,” sounds like a winding and echoey rock anthem, other songs such as “Gnarbone” and “Leipzig”, however, are much lighter and cooled off by a breezy tempo that hops and skips along with the utmost blithe — the proper mood for summer. The music video for “Leipzig” further plays up this casual mood by capturing a carefree galavant across town and into the woods, music gear in hand.

The whole album ebbs and flows just as you’d expect it to with a title that references the tides. It’s sweet and salty and catches glimmers of sunshine as catches fire then steams off.


Jack and Lily grew up in the Isle of Man and started writing music together after Jack returned home from university. The time and distance apart, gave the brother-sister duo, who are 6 years apart, time to grow individually and come back together because of a common interest in music. After writing music together and touring on and off, Lily moved to Brighton to hone her songwriting skills and Jack followed soon thereafter, thus officially forming Penelope Isles and picking up band members Jack Sowton and Becky Redford to complete their sound.

Penelope Isles also annoucned details for their first North American tour this fall with a stop in Los Angeles at the Echo on November 4. Tickets recommended for those who might miss summer come Autumn!

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