Kitten find love and bliss in the video for new song “Memphis”

Kitten band

Giddy off love, power-pop rock band Kitten find meaning in the people they surround themselves in the video for new song “Memphis.” Directed by photographer Tsarina Merrin and shot at the band’s Los Angeles home, “Memphis” finds lead-singer Chloe Chaidez and company wrestling with what exactly makes a place feel like home. Between a sampling of dial-up-modem tones and lush guitar textures Chaidez channels her “Avril kid” roots with lucid originality. Nothing screams child of early 00s pop-rock quite like the film’s setting, which oozes the kind of small-town, garage-band fervor that so emphasizes the song’s infatuated with.

Sitting on her roof with a sea of L.A. suburban homes stretching into the distance, Chaidez’s pining for the past and the intricate portrait of her future is bathed in the simple understanding that such bliss can’t come from a place, but rather the people who share at that place with you.

“’Memphis’ came about after a year of touring, switching coasts back and forth, and solidifying the friendships in the band. It’s a song that questions the nature of home, and ultimately determines that it’s the people you love who give a place meaning.”

Watch the video for Kitten’s new song “Memphis” below!


Kitten’s new EP Honeymoon Phase is out this October via RED MUSIC. Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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