Egg Drop Soup
Egg Drop Soup — Photo: David Fearn

Egg Drop Soup are back with another dope video, this time for their track “PMS.” The fiery song is the title-track off Egg Drop Soup’s forthcoming three-song PMS EP, which will be released Sept. 27. Smothering themselves in the powerful blood of a womxn, the video also features no shortage of creepy-perfect dolls, angelic girls, and all the head-banging needed to release some serious repressed rage.

While not preachy [“PMS”], is a timely and solid “FUCK YOU” to conventional norms surrounding a womxn’s place in our culture and the world at large. The video for the title track actually came together one day while I was at director/animator/DP Joe Rubinstein’s place testing out UV lenses. The track is a reflection of how we grapple with a sense of self in the world at large, and the video is a reflection of that.
~ Samantha Westervelt

Watch the Video for Egg Drop Soup’s “PMS” Below!

Egg Drop Soup will release their PMS EP on Sept. 27 via Sad Pony Records. As expected, the punk trio delivers yet on another set of tunes that are gloriously raucous and set to rock you the fuck out. Recorded and engineered at Golden Beat Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Travis Pavur and Aaron Zee, PMS is hard fast and gritty — just like a classic-sounding punk album should be.

Egg Drop Soup are Samantha Westervelt on bass guitar, lead vocals;
Olivia Saperstein on guitar, vocals; and Greg Settino pummeling them drums. Truly a lovely bunch of humans who makes some epic, and important punk rock. More on the band here, here and here.

Catch Egg Drops Soup live in Los Angeles when they play Zebulon on Oct. 9 in support of their PMS EP release. The band will be performing with Girl Friday and Facial. Egg Drop Soup also have an East Coast tour coming through this fall. You’d be wise to catch them live!

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