Video Premiere: LA’s Egg Drop Soup share video for “Partying Alone” — a badass empower thyself anthem

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Straight out of a scene from one of those high school mean girls movies, LA’s Egg Drop Soup have dropped a pretty amazing video for their debut single “Partying Alone.” The song is a fiery number that will get you stickin’ up your dukes. Instrumentally it shreds like a true punk song should, lyrically if gives no fucks, but the true gem in this video is the undeniable star. She without a doubt stands above the rest in this sexy high school dance competition and she has unmatched charm. Watch the video below to see this beauty in action.

Watch Egg Drop Soup’s New Video for “Partying Alone”

If you’re ever feeling down, marginalized or just want to let-the-fuck-loose, watch Egg Drop Soup’s video for “Partying Alone” (I think I watched it 10 times already). It will provide a wonderful release and empower you to do your own thang.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=fahr069-fzE width=300 height=280 anchor=Have a listen]”The video was inspired by a need to do something beyond what we thought (for lack of a better term) a ‘conventional’ punk rock music video might look like,” shares frontwoman Sam Westervelt. “We could have smashed a bunch of shit and called it a day, but that almost felt too easy. We wanted to do something that felt empowering, and for women especially. As women (really as people in our society – men deal with this too for sure) we spend a lot of time in our lives “people pleasing” and making choices based on what other people might think. But how many times do we want to just tell someone to “leave me the fuck alone” – I’m not in the mood to party with you. I’m in the mood to be myself, and do my own thing.”

Egg Drop Soup’s video is directed by their very own guitarist Olivia Saperstein, produced by Fox Force Media, shot by Max Lapointe, and edited / colored by Gestures and Sounds. The video stars the remarkable Judith Lynne Hanna (who I now totally want to hang out with and features actress / model Tyler Capri Clark.

Catch Egg Drop Soup live on Thursday, September 20 at The Satellite. The band will be screening their new video for “Partying Alone.” Supporting Egg Drop Soup at the Satellite is Youth on Soda, Nadu, and Pussy Tuesday. Get tickets! 

“Partying Alone” will be available for download and streaming across all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc.) on September 21. The video will be available for streaming on Vimeo and Youtube on September 21 as well. Egg Drop Soup are planning an EP release later this Fall.

Egg Drop Soup are: Samantha (Sam) Westervelt – bass / lead vocals, Olivia Saperstein – guitar / backing vocals and Greg Settino – drums. If you know what’s good for you, you”ll keep up with this promising group of rock ‘n’ rollers. Follow Egg Drop Soup via their Instagram and Facebook.

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