Caribou’s New Single “Home” reworks a Smooth Soul Song

Caribou -- Photo by Thomas Neukum
Caribou — Photo by Thomas Neukum

A smattering sample of sounds with a laid back hook, Dan Snaith, better known by his stage name Caribou, ends a five-year hiatus in effortless style with “Home.” The newest single is a reworked mix of Gloria Barnes’ song, “Home.” It is his first release since dropping his 2014 album ‘Our Love.’

Listening to the new single is like stepping into a warm car on a chilly day. It’s the perfect pair of slippers and the last sip of a particularly good cup of coffee. Upbeat, but not overly uptempo, “Home” finds a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of a fresh new take and perfectly spliced samples. It’s another dreamy ride with Snaith in the driver’s seat as he takes us down a pleasant journey with no particular destination. In it’s ambiguity, we find a sense of camaraderie.

“When I’ve played it to friends, several of them have said that they feel like it’s speaking to their circumstances, about people close to them,” Snaith said. “We’ve all had moments when something changes suddenly and catalyses a change in your whole life – when you need to go back to something familiar, pick up the pieces and start again.”


Snaith also noted that he chose to mix the song “Home” because of how the loop in Barnes’ song jumped out at him. It took him awhile to figure out what he wanted to do with the song.

“Sometimes making music feels like a process I’m in charge of … but there are other times when things just present themselves and my job is to follow their lead,” Snaith said.

Caribou is also touring for the first time in several years, but he unfortunately doesn’t have any tour dates in or around Los Angeles. To hear more from Caribou, you can visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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