Cedric Burnside Gifts Los Angeles with Those Legacy Hill Country Blues at The Echo

Cedric Burnside | Photo Farah Sosa

The blues are alive and well in 2020, thanks to musicians with a heritage of tradition like Mississippi’s Cedric Burnside. The Echo was packed Tuesday night and you could hear the crowd commenting about Burnside’s Grammy nominations and masterful style. He is pure musical craftsmanship at its finest.

Born into a musical family and heavily influenced by his grandfather, R. L. Burnside, Cedric Burnside beautifully performs his family’s traditional staple: hill country blues. The singer-songwriter has a mesmerizing presence and the room’s attention was fully dedicated to the stage. Cedric’s wit and artistry made it a memorable night.

Cedric Burnside is currently on tour with various opening bands in different cities. Ahead of Cedric’s set, Los Angeles enjoyed indie-country band, Leroy from the North. It was a really nice pairing for the night.

Photos and Words: Farah Sosa

Cedric Burnside | Photo Farah Sosa
Cedric Burnside | Photo Farah Sosa
Leroy From The North | Photo Farah Sosa

More Photos: Cedric Burnside, Leroy From The North at The Echo

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