Clear Mortifee
Clear Mortifee

Canadian alt-pop star Clear Mortifee met with creative producer NoKillShelter for a collaboration from the stars. Their new song, ‘Sweetheart’, walks on air with delicate finesse and spiritual allure, expressing the freedom that comes with letting go.

A genre-fluid, non-binary artist, Clear demonstrates their creative vision through spiritual dynamism, advocating for an evolution in the narrative surrounding trans and femme joy, sex, and art. “Sweetheart” is one such uplifting example, sharing their story of a 5D-facilitated connection with a stranger. A healthy lack of attachment enabled them to grow with the experience instead of crouching away in fear

Using vintage synths and hand-collected samples, NoKillShelter’s Nick Eckhart first began on the drums at age five, addicted to the likes of Steely Dan and Johnny Cash. It wasn’t until he began work at a Chinese Medical Center (Yo San) that Eckhart found the gift of meditation. This lunged him forward to learn every instrument, consciously packaging art as a whole. Finding mentors along the way, Eckhart joined forces with fellow drummer Tom McGeoch to form what is now NoKillShelter.


On artistic fire, rumor has it that the duo has another collab on the horizon. Until then, stay connected with NoKillShelter and Clear below.

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STREAM: NoKillShelter with Clear Mortifee ‘Sweetheart’